MXDL-style 1xAAA 100lm flashlight on DX

Hey there,

among my possessions is this little light:

I kind of like it because it's such a simple design, but it isn't very bright, probably something like 15 lumens.

Now I saw that one:

It looks exactly the same, but it says 100 lumens on the product page. What do you think, could it really be an upgraded version or is it just chinese lumen bla-bla again?
I am somewhat sceptical because it also says 6 hours runtime, which would be pretty long for 100 lumens out of a single aaa...

No way of telling. At that price it’s not likely. Certainly the runtime and max lumens aren’t correlated.

This one is bright however (I just got it).
By the way, the donut hole in the picture beam shot is not in my light.

My vote is bla-bla. I have the 7119 as well, great little light, and the one in that second link looks just like it except for the switch boot - perhaps re-branded. You can usually pick these up on Ebay for around $2.00.

There's another interesting new MXDL AAA available too, similarly priced:

Thanks for your opinions!

I guess I leave that light on DX's shelves then... chances are good it's the one I already have, and I can get that cheaper on ebay. Plus, just about any chinese ebay seller I did business with beats DX in terms of shipping time.

The other lights you two pointed me at do look good as well, but none of them have pocket clips, which I prefer over a lanyard on a 1AAA light.

Have a nice day!