My $2.24 triple emitter Mag Mod

There is only 3 watts or less involved, so no there is no heat buildup at all. My next try will be to try 3 of these on the star instead.

This will give me 9 watts and a whiter light. Then there will be an issue with heat. The included heat sink is pretty massive, but there also has to be a drain for when it “fills up” Better thermal contact of the sink to the head will help. As of now it is not an issue.

Great idea! I've never looked at any of the LED light bulbs for the home. That's pretty cool!

Here is a source for them, the original website you posted is now out:

Looks like a fun project, will try it, thanks…

These could replace the leds, at 3 Watts each, 10 pieces for 8.99:

I like your thinking. Very nice. Like previously asked, any chance of some night shots?

Hey, how big is that base, would this work?

Nice work.

Very creative!

I have three of those lying around, so I might try the same mod.

How would you describe the output vs. original 3D led mag?

Whats the measurements on that thing.
I bought the 4 led version and mine rattles real bad in mine.
Thought about using copper tape. But never got around to it.


Pity my only maglite is a 2xAA incand.

This is a great idea for updating my dads 3d mag, I was thinking about a nanjg and xp-g2.

Top mod. 8)

That star is too big, it is 50mm. Mine is 32mm as shown in the pic. I saw that too at fasttech and would love to find that cree q5 in a 32mm star. instead I ordered 6 3W bridgelux from them. In quantity they are .66 each - cheap enough! I am looking forward to seeing how fasttech does with my order, they seem to have a very good site.

Pure flood, and warm white approx same color as an incan. Now that I know this works, I will do a cool white version. I don’t know what degree the TIR optics are, but it is floody. Output is approx 270 lumen so there is more light that the LED mag which is around 130 lumen. As I said, I will next try 3 –3W BridgeLux emitters @6000K on the star. They are only 66 cents each at fasttech in quantities of 5 or more. So my mod cost is soaring!
$2.24 + (3 x 0.66) = $4.22

You must think we’re made of money, offering up fancy mods that cost more than 4 bucks! :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. I just pulled an old 3d out of a box a few days ago, and I was wondering what I could do with it.

Thank, this is my kind of thread. Friend gave me a 3d Maglite some years ago and I have one if those bulbs in the post. Plenty on Ebay,and I suspect that they differ?\_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649

Here are a series of pics with measurements

Here are some pics of the heat sink. There is definitely some meat on it.

If needed a copper slug could be added here. Being constructed for home lighting, this lite was orginally designed to run 24/7.

Lennart: That is the right one, keep in mind that it is warm white. You may want to use cool white for a flashlight

AU $1.00 = US $1.05, Ruffles is right, I am spending money like a drunken sailor!

With those dimensions, it would be well worth it for the TIR optics and top plate alone. I wouldn't have to make a centering plate with that metal one fitting so well.

Heck, I just saw a 9watt on ebay. 3x3w Cree 12v, warm or cool white. For $7 shipped from the US. Got to be one of the most inexpensive mods to do with a Maglite.

So I bought one...

Do you have some better pictures for where you need to drill / wire in series?

For us Modding beginners? - here are $2.84 MR16 bulbs :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of them are 60 degree optics.