my 4xAA configurable battery carrier, WIP

I wanted to make my own 4xAA battery carrier, eventually I got started on it. What I need at the moment is a series carrier, but while designing the PCB I realized that for the moment I may as well make it configurable. For a series configuration this carrier requires a jumper between the top PCB and bottom PCB since 4xAA brings both poles back to one end. It should be simple to wire the carrier for 4s1p, 2s2p, and 4p configurations. The holes are for M2 screws and I messed that up, they are 2.5mm and should be more like 2.0mm. On the next version I plan to pull the corners in a good ways, they stick out farther than necessary and rub the inside of the body of a light I want to use this carrier in.

awesome, if u ever sell any kits let me no thanks

That looks elegant!

Good idea.

Thanks guys. It looks a bit less elegant now that I’ve taken the soldering iron to it, but it works. I’m hoping that the next version will look less like a parallelogram - hopefully the skew will be reduced when I drop the screwholes down to 2mm.

Clever. Nice work. Looks like you designed that puppy to have low resistance.