My Amoosing afternoon

On Sunday I was walking through the preserve on the edge of my town and got the chance to take some pretty good moose pictures. I wasn’t being stealthy in any way but the moose just didn’t care that I was snapping away with my camera.

Nice footage!
As a loyal BLF-member I have been let to believe though that the Moose was an Australian animal, funny that they show up in Idaho… :innocent:

Ha Ha Ha I think it must have been a tourist, I don’t know if it had an Australian accent, it was busy eating and it would have been rude to ask it any questions.


Hey. Thats my cousin Daryl. Say gidday to him for me. Thanks for posting up as he disappeared from Facebook and Twitter 18 months ago. :beer: :slight_smile: :laughing:

It’s a good feeling when you get close to wildlife and they know you’re there but they don’t move away, a mutual feeling of trust. :slight_smile:

Are you sure that’s a Daryl? Could the disappearance be that Daryl’s new name is Caitlyn? I’m no expert on sexing moose but I understand if you’re going to do it, it helps to buy her a few drinks first.

It was very exciting for me, I’ve been even closer to them in the past, but all I had was my phone and the pictures aren’t as good. It’s such a privilege to live in my little town.

Hahaha! Nice!!!

I saw a possum once, maybe a raccoon or two, in my neighborhood .

Last week I was lucky enough to see some geese as they stopped for a meal and some pruning on their way north.