My brother is looking for a flashlight, should I try to talk him out of buying this one?

My brother has a ZebraLight H51 that he uses for work at night, he had last night off so I went to visit him and took my SolarForce L2 with the ManaFont UF 3 mode XM-L drop in.

My low was high as his high at first so he went and changed the battery, then his high was just a little brighter than my low but my mid was way brighter than his high.

Now he wants something brighter for work after seeing mine and I told him where I got all my stuff from and how long it took to get it, nearly 3 weeks from China and Hong Kong.

He says he only wants to buy something from Australia because he doesn't want to wait long for it and he hates dealing with Chinese merchants when things go wrong with orders.

So after telling him something along the lines of.. T6 XM-L and single 18650 he has come up with this Sky Ray S-R5 + battries + charger (I already told him those batteries get bad reviews on here)

Is there any reason I should tell him not to get it? Hes waiting for me to find out if its any good but he's pretty set on getting it anyway, but I told him I would ask for some opinions on here first.

Its the same light here and here.

Thanks for any advice.

He will be paying too much but will get it quickly. Less than average charger and batteries but it will work. The light is okay. He could get a pair of decent batteries and a charger for with the light for $40 from manafont.

I pretty much told him the same thing, for the same price he could get good batteries and a better charger if he will wait.

Ill tell him you have the same opinion, thanks.

I would rather go for Ultrafire WF-501B /WF-502B with XML-T6 or you want something even brighter but still with compact size, youc an go for Ultrafire C-8