My Christmas Gift Recommendations(Top 6)!

Hi gang,
These are my top recommendations.

Wowtac A1:
Wowtac A2:
Lumitop AA Tool:
Convoy S2+:
Convoy C8+:
Convoy L6:
If you have a recommendation please let us know in the comments…

Um, maybe Christmas 2019, given how long deliveries from China take.

killer little AA/14500 flashlight.
Can’t stop playing/using it.

First you need to get the code here for 50% off.

There is a $6 off coupon that comes up at certain times of the day with the dealer used with the Vipon coupon, later int the day it is not there, strange as all get out but I did get one with the extra $6 so it is legit, just have to keep checking for it.

If you don’t want to wait, this one is also legit at $19.97 after coupon, that was my first purchase.


I thought you were going to be talking about the lights in the still photo. I guess not.

Fitorch P25 has the potential.

For muggles, I’d recommend the Sofirn SC31. 600 lemons, usb charging, good/low battery indicator, simple UI even an 85 can master in seconds.

Dual-switch usb-charging light, the Nitefox UT20. Side e-switch for modes, rear forward-clicky for momentary-on. A bit on the long side for an 18650 light, but I EDCed it no problem. ~1buk buys you (from FT) a perfect deep-carry clip for the S2+ that fits the UT20 perfectly.

A kick-arse light, the Sofirn C8F-21700 kit (w/ cell + charger). Don’t mean to poopoo the Convoy, but the C8+ just seems too… “busy”. Also, the thicker barrel just “fits” better in the hand.

Honorable mention: Sofirn SP32Av2 (18650, black/silver/”pale gold”, batt indicator), Sofirn SF13 (2×AA).

Accessories: Folomov A1 charger (usb, magnetic stickies), even charges the 26650 in my Cometa when I don’t want to dig out and set up a bigger donk, slips right into a bag for “emergency” charging.