My Convoy S2 builds

I think i might start a convoy S2 (S-series) collection. I like these hosts so much. I like how compact they are and how easy they are to work with.
At the moment I only have 2 Convoy s2’s (had a 3rd one but i took it apart) both with a complete different setup.

the first one i made was with a XP-G2 R5 A1 @1.4A. at this current the light did not really heat up, only after extended periods of use on high. It was perfect for camping and had a great runtime with a NCR18650B. It throws around 75-100meters, not bad i think.

The 2nd i made, i wanted to go a little crazy and go for ultimate CRI. so i ordered a tripple Nichia 219 on a Noctigon board. I made a copper spacer from a copper tube. the heatsink is pressed inside the aluminium head and transfers the heat from the inside to the outside pretty well. The LEDs are driven at a 1A each or 3A total current draw for the light. This heats up pretty quick but is still holdable after 2-3 minutes. This light is a pretty good hand warmer for this winter. :slight_smile: I might add a chip or 2 extra but 1A per Nichia for this host is well enough. This light throws about 75m but i has a very nice flood. I assume this light would be best to place on a bike for night time mountainbiking.

Tripple Nichia 219 beam profile:

The 3rd i made, i just wanted it to be a overall good performer. it has a XM-L2 U2 A1 @3A on Noctigon inside. The dome of the LED is sliced off for better throw but i wanted to keep the tint, thats why i did not completely dedomed it. The only XM-L i had laying around was on a 20mm board. so i had to fill the pill with a copper disc, i soldered the disc onto the pill. On high the light heats up pretty fast but its holdable after 2-3 minutes. it throwes 150 meters, not bad for a light with such a small, OP reflector.

sliced dome XM-L2 U2 beam profile:

so what do you think of this host? :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing .


Did you take the XP-G2 light apart for upgrades or something else?

Do you have any build pics? :slight_smile:

The S2 is one of my favorite hosts, too. I have four of them, one with an XM-L2 T6 3C, one with an XP-G2 R5 1A, one with an XP-G2 S2 2B, and one with an XP-G2 R4 5A1. Each light has its own specific purpose. I do have many other flashlights, but the S2 lights get more use than most of my other lights.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that all four of my S2 flashlights are set up with 3*7135 NLITE drivers. My first one was set up with 4*7135s. When I built my second one with only 3 chips, I found the levels were more useful for me. I pulled the fourth chip off of the first light, and hardly notice the difference in brightness. I get great battery life with the 3*7135 setup. The hosts don’t get hot, even if I run them on high for extend periods.

I took the XP-G2 build apart for the Nichia build. the XP-G2 is now in a sipik sk68. Im waiting for some parts to rebuild that licht.