My Favorite EDC of 2020

Hi all,
This LM10 is the most regal production light I own. It’s a titanium alloy body with the heart and soul of an FW3A.
What do you think of the new Lumintop line up?
What is your current favorite EDC?

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> What is your current favorite EDC?

Olight S1R with 5000K XM-L2 and Olight 10C 16340 battery.

I also have a sandblasted titanium LM10 and it too is my favorite EDC of the year.

  • Amazing hand-feel
  • Very grippy in the hand due to the sandblasting texture and deep ridges and deep pineapple knurling. Combine that with the flats on the sides and the light feels much more secure in the hand when drawn with a cigar grip than an FW3A or FW3T.
  • Looks incredible.
  • Clip fits very securely on sweatpants or shorts.
  • Looks and feels much more “deluxe” than an FW3A.
  • Same UI and performance as an FW3A.

1. Lumintop lineup: I love the FW3 triple W2.1 , the FW4 quad W2, and the FW21 Pro triple 50.2. I bought three FW 21 Pros, and I gave two of them to friends.

2. I rotate my edcs, today is D4V2 quad W2.

I have recently temporarily shifted my focus to adding single cell red hot screamers to my collection. I am currently waiting on two MS03. After that, I plan on shifting my focus back to the next big things. The future largest reflector diameter single SBT90.2 and the largest multi SBT90.2 are what I await.

I’d have a hard time replacing my Nitecore MH20 as my EDC. Really nice deep-carry clip, as compact an 18650 light as I’ve seen (except more recently the Skilhunt M200), love the 2-stage switch (like a DSLR) with instant shortcuts to moonlight and turbo and everything else about its UI, great general-purpose beam (more throw? get the MH20GT), great beacon mode, easily-accessible sideswitch beacon/finder to find it in the dark, easy voltage-blinkout, and it just “fits” my needs pretty much 100%.

I’d consider the M200 except the clip which looks like a deep-carry clip, only mounts towards the center of the light, so it rides-high, and only in a head-up configuration, so those last 2 points are dealbreakers for an otherwise excellent little light. Well, at least as an EDC. It’s joined my coffee-table gaggle.

Was never into pocket-rockets and setting my pants on fire, so if I want something with more oomf, I’d bring it with me.

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I’m still EDCing AAA twisties. I alternate between one of my many Maratacs and a Sofirn C01S. I don’t like big lumps in my pockets. Any 18650 light feels too big to me. But I will stick my D4V2 in the pocket when I go out for an evening walk.

Any review for people can read?

People do not want to learn how to read or write anymore, that is why Emojis were invented.

Be thankful we still have videos, but I also do prefer reading a review rather than watching a video because it usually takes a lot less time.

Oh, c’mon, don’t you love those “detailed” 20min reviews where the first 18min is dedicated to the Grand Unboxing?

“Oh, this looks like the clip…. Hmm, it must go on the light right around here.”

[twiddle thumbs for 8min while the reviewer tries fitting the clip on the light 4 different ways]

“And these must be… uhhh… extra O-rings, I think. They must fit in the light somehow.”

“And the battery must go in this way… nope, the other way… wait, I was right the first time around…”


30sec of content padded out to 20min of boredom.

At least with Matt’s vids, you don’t end up nodding off midway. :laughing:


”This is the desiccant. The printing on it wore off, so I can’t tell what the nutritional value is. I wonder if it contains any omega-3 fatty acids or lycopine.”

HAHAHAHHA :stuck_out_tongue:

Those aren’t dessicants, those are the free seasoning packets. Bon appetit. :disappointed:

Gotta be this little fella.

I still struggle to find the appeal of these other than being hot rods and nicely machined. The burst in lumens is so short lived.

My edc is a Zebralight sc64w hi. The single emitter runs more efficiently from both a heat and battery life standpoint and its nice not having optics which I feel significantly reduce the throw.

Thank you for the video Matt, keep them coming!

I totally agree about the lumen burst, it’s more of a grinworthy gimmick than something I’ll ever use in a practical sense. In fact the heat build up is so quick it worries me to use it.

I’ve had the shorty tube and 18350 cell in it for the last three nights and used it around the house at night, letting it run as a bedside light and shining into the garden to get the dogs in and it’s dropped from 4.2V to 3.8V. Each night I’ve set the timer to gradually reduce the output and shut off over the period of an hour, and because it’s new I’ve been playing with it a lot.

I’m more than happy with the flood beam of the XPL HI 3D for general use, but it’s the aesthetics of the copper and blue glow markers that complete the appeal.

I find LM10 incredibly ugly…as opposed to the elegant FW3A.
I guess there’s something to suit different tastes. :slight_smile:

agree - to me it is not attractive…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

To me, the FW3A feels pretty flimsy and slippery. And its simple machining makes it look cheap.

In contrast, the LM10 has a unique rugged look. It feels like it is a much more durable light and feels much less slippery and more secure in the hand.