My first Budget light

Hi guys,

reading this forum i learned so much, but with so many models , my brain is fuzzy :))

I would like take a simple one, only to start…

which one u suggest between those 3 models, and why?

Ultrafire 502B Cree XML U2 1300 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight

UltraFire WF-502B CREE XM-L T6 5 Mode 1000 Lumens LED Flashlight

Ultrafire E3 CREE XM-L T6 5 Modes Zoomable LED Flashlight

Many thanks and sorry for my bad english


hi there & welcome to blf!
i’ll be short: buy this one pick u3 and 3 modes, it doesn’t get any better than that :slight_smile:

Thnks for yr replay,

but yr suggestion cost much much more :slight_smile:

As forst i would like spend less, than if i will be impressed from such “hobby”, i will buy others models, what do u think?



Buy this first.


Ok, i will do it… but , if u have 1 min, can u explain in what this is better than that models i worte before?



What exactly are you looking for in a light? 3 modes - High Med & low? Strobe & SOS or not (most people don't want them)? What is your budget? What do you want to do with the light? Have a nice "WOW" factor to impress others? Do you want the light floody (wide beam of light not throwing light out extremely far), or do you want a thrower (generally a tighter beam of light lighting up at a far distance with much dimmer spill)? Do you want an EDC (every day carry)? Pocket sized? Holster sized?

Batteries - do you want Li-Ion powered lights? Or NiMh (AA or AAA etc. . .) powered? Are you familiar with the hazards of using Li-Ion batteries and vow to follow the necessary precautions while using them?

Probably most important - what is your budget and do you need batteries and charger included in that budget?

We'll move on after you answer these questions.


If your on a strict budget, I believe is offering a good percentage off any purchase with a newly registered account. I received my order from them quickly and very well packaged.

Uahhuuu… so many questions :slight_smile:

1) I think 3 modes r enough, but if the cost is the same, better 5 :slight_smile:

2) My budget? I dont have problems, but i dont want waste money for something that maybe i will use rarely

3) What i want from light? Good question…. i have, for example, the sea home with a big will, and sometimes in night could be useful have a power light, or to bring in the car for emergency… i dont have a real reason… but i like get it :slight_smile:

4) Size? no big

5) i have 1850 battery and charger,m and i know abt lipo-li ion, cause i use them in RC Aircraft

thanks for yr time


Welcome to BLF!

That being said, if you’re looking for a 502B, I’d suggest here:

Good customer service and pretty fast shipping. All the three links you put are… not that great.


For first light, I would skip 502´s because they kinda need the heat conducting coppertaping around the dropin.
The last one has bad batteries which will probably get just plain obsolete pretty fast (if not DOA).

Check this one, it should be OK quality and in your price range:

If this is too small for a 18650 light, check out “C8” lights from kaidomain.
They have readily better capability to dissipate heat than those 502´s without heat wrapping (and even with wrap).
They are, on the other hand, larger.


i dont have an exactly model in mind…for this i listed 3 different models :slight_smile:



Yup, the first two links are for the WF-502B and are basically the same thing.
Your third link, the zoomable light, isn’t as bright because there are lots of light that’s being wasted.

So I’d recommend FastTech if you’re looking for a WF-502B series light, but as others have suggested, the XinTD excellent and is definitely worth the higher price.

thnks guys,

i think i will go for the one u suggested… only a question…

really the value is so much better than a 502b? In what is so much better, cause cost nearly 3 times more?



Here is a C8 that gets good reveiws:

This famous KD C8 was my first budget light: Nice light, but I'd now go with the Lightmalls U3 (it should be a tad bit brighter). Both will be 5 modes which include "blinkies". The C8's have sufficient heatsinking to handle a hard-driven XM-L.


I would actually recommend your Zoomable light. You can go with a 1x or 2x 18650 model…the 2x will be slightly brighter but the main advantage is just more runtime which isn’t a big deal. So the 1x18650 might be better for size reasons.
However, if you don’t expect to carry it around much (use around the house), then size isn’t really a big deal. 2x18650 is longer but not any heavier…just harder to pocket.

I like zoomable because it is an all-in-one light and due to beam pattern.

At full zoom, you still get most of the light you would from a non-zoom. But there is NO HOTSPOT. Its just a nice zone of light, which I like for working on stuff. A normal light with reflector has a bright hotspot which I find to be annoying when working in the house. Its glaring and distracting.
The zoomable also lets you take off the lens and have a huuge flood area, or even take off the head and use as a candle.

You can also zoom in and make a tight beam that lets you see stuff pretty far off, and is fun to play with in the rain. :wink:

They are correct that zoom gives less light. They arent driven as hard and lose light especially when zooming far off. But compared to a normal maglight or whatever, an XM-L is going to be REALLY FREAKING BRIGHT in comparison, so you really dont need maximum amount of brightness.

If you really want it, you can later on get a BIG light that has 3 or 5 XM-Ls that is meant for huge floodiness and big light output.

As for modes, you want 3 mode…high, med, low. 5 light levels is fine too, but try to AVOID strobe and SOS…they seem cool but they are a pain in the butt. They are useless modes that you have to advance past, every time you adjust the lighting level. Still, my first light had strobe and I played with it for a while. :slight_smile:

i have a 502 and it is a a fairly good light. But its not a light i would leave it on high for too long, or it might burn, since there is next to no heat conductive path from drop in to light body. So for me i had to warp mine with foil to conduct the heat better

I have this very one from Lightmalls and it is perhaps the brightest single budget XM-L on the planet. Super tight beam and plenty of spill. May be brighter than my X8 having that new U3 in it! Smokin’ bright! Highly recommended. Just sold one to a friend and he loves it (he upgraded from a KD C8 I also sold him).

Welcome, new guy. Remember, you get what you pay for. The cheapest is not always the best. Go with the recommended suppliers and use great batteries. Read around some more. We aren’t going to steer you wrong!

So again, welcome, Alex!

I have a couple of 502b and 501b. I like them, and think they are good buys for the money.

Goodmorning Guys,

i was buyng the light u suggested

At the end of page, there are some options… what u suggest?

Many thanks