My first Budget light

Hi Alex, you are really listening, aren’t you?!
Don’t forget you now have to buy liion cells and a charger.

That’s a dangerous step you make………for your budget lights addiction!
There is no way back! :wink:

Edit: you better say goodnight! It’s almost 10pm here

Goodevening ChibiM:)

Im addicted with lion, i use big liion pack for R/C Models…. :slight_smile:

The option “LED Tint” lets you select the LED’s color and brightness.

The warmer (yellower) the tint is, the brightness decreases by a little bit.
I don’t mind Cool White U2 2C, but if you like a neutral tint instead of a cold one, you might want to get the T6 3C option.

For the option modes, I don’t really use the strobe or SOS feature too often (thankfully) so I would go for a High-Med-Low or even High-Low.

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That is a very nice light. Probably the best C8. I would choose, T6 3C combined with 100–30–50% if buying that light.
I believe most here would stay away from blinky modes if they never use/need them on a regular basis. If you have a soldering iron it would be easy to change the modes if you dont like them…

For a first light I would have bought Conoy C8 if you are looking for C8 style light.
It basically have same driver as the one from intl-outdoor, same light output, only different mode spacing and you can easily change groups That means no blinky modes when you dont want them, and you can get them to appear if you want. That way, you will easily find out what you prefer, and be able to change it easily without modifying the light.
Same emitter as the 32$ light from IO would be… Same body style, but a bit shorter and smaller head (probably a bit less throw). Its probably not as “premium” built with screw in reflector and such. But in real life, very nice, and for the price hard to beat.
Use “BLF” code for 5% discount. Price: 15,6$
I often recommend the light from IO, but the Convoy C8 offers way more bang for the buck! It is also smaller, which I prefer…

Good afternoon guys,

i like yr suggestion, RaceR86, but really is nearly the same of the model i was buyng? The difference u wrote r so so so small, that for the half of prics…:slight_smile:

I didnt understand good how add or remove the blink mode without modify the light



In low after five seconds, the light will flash. Turn the light off and on, you’ll move to the other mode group (hi-mid-low is one group, hi-mid-low-strobe-SOS is the other) I think the driver also has memory. It’s a nice set up, and as RaceR86 says, let’s you easily see if you like the blinkies or not, without having to suffer them.

I do like this type of driver, I don’t as a rule like blinkies, but I do like having the option if I need them - say on an every day carry light, I don’t want to see them all the time, but that light is what I will likely have access to in an emergency, say broke down in a friend’s car (i have lights tailored for in my own vehicles), I could set the light to SOS, set it on the roof or further down the road from the stranded vehicle, people won’t get the Morse code, but they will slow down to see what the random bright flashes are all about.

I do believe the size specs on the fasttech page is wrong though. If the body fits 18650 and the head looks that much larger compared to the body I cant understand that the head is only 31,5mm wide.
As for length. As far as I remember, the intl-outdoor C8 is a bit longer than most C8 style lights. So it should be a bit smaller in size.
As for the internal parts (led and driver) you will probably not find parts that are closer. Considering the parts used in the Convoy light, it really is a bargain…
Gords1001 explained the driver features more in detail, I think the driver should be very nice for a first light. Its not just nice for a first light, it is very nice in general!
For that price, I believe it should be hard to find complaints…

Hi Guys,

after some months with this light you sugggested, and that i like much

i would like something bigger with more power… but without spend too much :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

PS: Sometimes when i turn on the light, after 1-2 seconds it does 1 blink… it goes off for half second and come on by itself, after remain on without problem. What can be?

Many thanks to all, and Happy New Year


“Switch to Low mode and count exactly 5 seconds. As soon as the flashlight blinks, half press (or quickly toggle power) to go into the other mode group.” It comes with all 5 modes active. Following the procedure lets you switch to Hi-Med-Lo with no flashing modes.”

This might be it if it’s happening in low.