My first car was sold today :-( I will miss you Probe..

Nope. But my new ’74 midnight blue Vega wasn’t any better and didn’t last very long . . clutch at 12,000 miles and spider gears at 25,000 and I was glad to be out of it . . traded it off for a Honda 450 twin and some cash . . the Honda is probably still running somewhere.

First car:

Favorite car:

My First car was a 97’ Mustang GT. It was totalled by a large city truck :_(

Now I own these 2:

Paid $350 for it with 50,000 mls. on it.
That car was a tank. I used to take it places where guys with 4 wheel drives wouldn’t go.
Yeah, I beat it up pretty good. Went out of town for 2 weeks over Xmas, when I came back it was
buried under a snowbank. Freeze plugs blew out so I sold it to my buddy.
He fixed it up & gave it to his dad, who loved it.
Best car I ever owned was a 1968 Ford Torino GT that I bought in ’89 with 60,000 mls…
Had been stored for 17 yrs and not a speck of rust on it.
Stupid me wrecked it 3 months later.
Rolled it 3 times & came to rest upside down between 2 massive oak trees.
Had about 8 inches to spare on either side before I would’ve hit those trees.
Wasn’t wearing any seatbelt & I walked away w/o a scratch.
If I’d done the same thing with the ’98 Buick Century I currently drive, I’d be long dead now.
Oh, to be young & foolish!
Hey SergioE, I love that Datsun. What year is that, I’m guessing ’66 or ’67.

id take that datsun over the mustang any day


You are dead on! It is 67’. I daily drove it for about 2 years, major attention getter!

Extremely fun to car to drive.

Yea. if I were in a situation in which I had to sell one of them, I would definitely keep the Datsun. I like horsepower and the Mustang with its modifications I have done is more than enough to drive around town.

The Datsun also has quite a bit of power, the motor blew on it and I decided to upgrade it with a fuel injected engine.

i have never really cared for that style mustang... i like the newer, like the older...

speed for me was below 30mph, discovery, about 40mph.

discoveries are pretty easy to break, an english years worth of weather tends to do it, or getting in and turning the key, they are really crap vehicles tbh like most of the recent landrovers.

Start actually using one off road, you soon get good at vehicle repairs, I’ve known them to blow axles, engines and gearboxes just getting to an off road site. hence why I have a landcruiser.

Before that it was a few ford granada’s, closest thing in the english ford line up to a muscle car imo, last one was a quite naughty scorpio cosworth.

well, I broke the differential of my company 170hp freelander 2, but it was not in “normal use” (cant explain in a public form :slight_smile: )
I loved the car, I made 130000 km of paved road, and about 20000 of unpaved tracks (normally in good condition). It was very fast, the torque was fantastic, It had a surprising grip in corners, very good fuel economy, but it was not a proper off road car. For my needs in my job was just perfect