My First Flashlight Build

So I got bit! :slight_smile:

I have some parts. A Convoy S2 host. A triple XP-L HI notigon and a Carclo 3 up elliptical optic. A Qlite driver. A total of 12 - 7135’s for 4.2 amps over 3 LED’s.

I decided my old soldering tool needed an upgrade and am waiting for my new Hakko to arrive. Thursday. Then I’ll assemble this and see how it works.

Already new ideas / plans are cluttering my mind…

I shall update with photos.

Have fun with your first build. Have you order a spacer to go with your S2?

Yes to the spacer.

Some 18650’s and an Xtar XP4, plus odds ‘n’ ends like solder braid…

Your rampant sickness has just begun! :bigsmile: Enjoy it, and look forward to many others in the future.