My first lathe project.

Well, I got some practice time in on the lathe at work and the only thing I could think to make is a spinning top! I found some scrap stainless rod and turned it out. Now I just need to practice making threads so I can make some flashlights!

That came out nice :slight_smile:

So you’ll be doing some overtime soon :zipper_mouth_face:

Hehe, definitely a few late nights in the shop!

If your machining Stainless Aluminium will be a walk in the park. How long does it spin for? :slight_smile:

Not very! I think I need to work on getting the point a bit sharper. I think I rounded it off a bit when sanding. It spins for a good 30-45 seconds, but I think I have to put a ball bearing or something in the tip to give it the best contact point. Probably be my next go round with it.