My first mod project

Time to do my first flashlight mod.

I was searching a rather simple mod for first try and finded the popular ROP maglite mod. I decided to do a step brighter version with WA1185 bulb.

This is my beated 3D maglite casing:

I ordered the WA1185 bulbs from Litho's Bi-Pin Hotwire Bulbs at CPF and they arrived today in 80's package :

I ordered the aluminium reflector and glass lens from here:

The battery casing was a problem. I didn't want to pay a 45€ from custom maded 9AA casing from CPF, so i ordered these chep

plastic 3AA to D converters also from KD:

When KD items arrive i'll start assembly and post here some pictures from it...

The problem is that the KD adapters are not good on currents above one amp. A bit of soldering and attaching decent copper wire should sort that out though. If memory serves, the WA1185 wants about 3 amps and is a bit brighter than the ROP.

Yes, i did read from the specifications that over 1000mAh would be a problem. I think that it could be easily mod to withstand the current strain as you described. If not, then there are other options to consider.

What do you use for the bi-pin adapter?

Good question. I haven't even thought that i would need one. This has somehow passed me.

Recommendations ?

How about this one

Looks good but availability is "soldout"...

You can get them here - but for Fivemega prices which are IMO far too high. $23 including postage.

I had one of the KD ones, and the Fivemega one is probably nicer but not 2.3x nicer.

The alternative which is probably better is the Kiu socket but these seem to be unobtainium just now. In the UK you can get a ceramic G4 bulb holder from Maplin for an outrageous three quid

But then you have to rig up some way of making it sit nicely in the light.

Yes, 23€ is way too much for it. Well now it seems that i'm in dead end with this project...

Get this:

Well done!

I was looking for just this thread but got nowhere. CPF really is a mess these days - finding stuff is not easy.

Thank you guys very much!

Order made and now we're back in business! :bigsmile:

Kiu sockets tend to take a while to arrive - don't go holding your breath...

Still looking for the battery holder.

Received most of the parts for the project from Kai:

All the parts seems to be good quality expect those battery holders. Although that was expected.

All the other parts are arrived expect kiu socket from CPF... hope they arrive soon

Not having anymore patience to Don find his battery adapter, i made a temporary solution.

Rolling a thick cardboard to 3 x 18650 made the trick!

Now the Mag85 is alive and man it's bright!

My lightbox shows 5200 - 5300 lux!!!

There was a one drawback in all this... there is no going back to low power flashlights!

Next has to be brighter!

The brighter the better right? That's what I look at too. :bigsmile:

hey juhi81! what happened with the project?

Well I thought that no-one is interested because it didn't get many comments...

I can write more if you like to hear it.

Ive got a Maglite 3D, modded with a 5xR2 module from DX. It uses 2x18650 or 6xAA NiMH. I was thinking of making something different, but I always found all the other mods pretty expensives.

If you have time I would appreciate more details of your project :)

Well it's pretty simple mod to do. You need to do some sawing and soldering but nothing too difficult.

I think that the Mag85 is definitely worth doing. It's blazingly bright for the cost.

There are a drawback to it.

No good AA adapter's are available. I tried those Kaidomain 3AA->1D but they couldn't handle the current. There are few guys who

manufacture good quality adapter's at CPF but they are pretty expensive. I use 3x18650 wrapped in cardboard. It's not very elegant solution but it did the trick.

I can post some pictures and beamshots if needed.