My first P60


I just got my first p60 host (solar force) and plugin and have questions:

_ the switch it came with is, I guess a forward clicky. Can I change that? I have a date Mcclicky _ can I use that?

- should I wrap some foil around the plugin?

Jim just

i just put my first one together recently… i don’t know about changing the clicky, but i did modify mine so its not so recessed (L2P body). As far as wrapping the drop-in, there are a number of threads and youtube tutorials…. I don’t see the reason why not. It will help with heat dissipation and keep the light brighter.


Thanks. Hopefully someone else will come along who knows about the switch situation. In the meantime, here’s what I ended up with:

That’s the SolarForce L2N with an 18650 extension tube, and the SS bezel ring. Still want to get a lanyard ring for it…


I was told in Foy's L2N review thread (near the end) that Solarforce's reverse clicky replacement switch will fit the L2N. Sorry I can't link it right now; I'm on my phone. It's the only bare switch reverse clicky sold there.


Oh and I bought copper foil off EBay (sold for arts & crafts purpose). I bought a large sheet of the thickest I found (I think its 5 mil). My drop-in only took one wrap with it and fits nice and snug. There is a thread about wrapping P60's with links in my posts.


Yes, it fits and works just fine. Color does not match. I have a couple of Dr Jone’s Nichia 219 dropins and they don’t seem to like forward clickys at all.

What problems are you encountering? I am using a forward clicky with DrJone’s Nichia219 dropin. Also using forward clicky for p60 dropins using the same lupodrv drivers and they are runnning fine for me.


Thanks, I’ll look for the copper stuff :)…

I did find the reverse clicky “innards” on SolarForce’s website, and have ordered a couple to try out, plus some other stuff (lanyard ring, clip, and a couple more P60 drop-ins).


Hi Dale,

Nice pic :)! Which of those do you like the best, or are they pretty much the same? I was actually originally trying to get the L2P (or was it “T”?) at Lighthound, but they were out-of-stock, so ended up getting the L2N instead.


The dropin requires quick double-clicks to change modes, etc. I can’t get the forward clickies to do that.


I got this drop-in, from—9-Volts_p_4110.html

and I have to click off and then on again, to change modes. It does do momentary now, but I don’t ever use that, and would prefer to be able to change modes using half-presses, which I think will require a reverse clicky?

Is that right?


Yea sounds like reverse clicks are what you need if you want to half press while the light is on.

@texaspyro: when I need to get quick presses in, all I do is tap for a quick momentary on. EX, if I need to lock the mode I need 5 burst of light but they you can wait as long as you like in between the burst as the driver measures time ON. So with a forward clicky I just lightly tap to “flash” the light and can do this at any speed I like as long as I get 5 “flashes” in.

Another big advantage of the Solarforce reverse-clicky tailcap is that it tailstands.

i don't think thermal pad is a good idea.

I use thin thermal paste, applied to P60 host then wrap it with regular cooking alu foil.

pretty ok for an XPG R5 drop in. no thermal dissipation issue.