My first real Mod of a flashlight (and it worked!) a little pic heavy!

After lurking on here for quite some time, messing around and breaking stuff here and there and finally almost being too scared to even try I decided to do a proper mod!
I had and old STL-V6 lying around here which I mended when I very first joined the BLF, in fact it’s why I joined in the first place. Not being used any more I decided to mod it with a new driver and an MT-G2 LED which I’d had lying dormant in my mod box for some time.
I chose the FX6 22mm 3A version for the MT-G2 which fitted exactly into the brass screw in pill, and the led itself fitted right in with no modification as the hole was already large. This is a really nice setup as the pill screws directly into the aluminium polished reflector which also then helps dissipate the heat a little more.
The only issue I have encountered is the grouping……apparently they should be Very Lo(2mA) > Lo(1000mA > Med(1800mA) > Hi(3000mA) but for some reason they all look pretty much the same output (apart from vlow) - they are different, but nowhere near the mA shown. The very lo is there fine, but the lo,med,hi well there isn’t much between them, so it goes from virtually no light, to basically full. I would guess 2500mA,2800mA,3000mA (by eye,that is presuming that high is indeed 3000mA). If anyone could shine light on this it would be helpful!
Anyway enough uneducated, inexperienced waffle!

This is the light



Pill (with old gubbins in still)

A few poor beam shots (I’ll do again on a clear night)




High on house further out

As you can see the modes look pretty much the same lol!
The beam has gone from what was a fairly tight spot to a wider more powerful one (but then it would with an MT-G2)

Let me know what you think even if you think it’s rubbish lol!
Happy New Year to you all!

Nice mod!

Not sure why the modes are strange…

It’s always good when a mod works out. It’s not “rubbish” at all - we just have a few extremely talented folks here (not me!) who can do magic. I love the MT-G2, the beam is so smooth and pleasant.

Excellent! I love the form factor of the STL-V6. 2x18650 don’t seem to be as popular anymore. Did you actually take any DMM readings of the modes?

great mod, thanks for this thread! congrats

No sorry that’s a bit beyond me (I’m not even sure what DMM is) , I do have a lux meter but haven’t really played with it. I was estimating it by eye (and the pics look that way too, virtually the same)
Overall I’m happy with it, but would have preferred the modes to be properly spaced rather than all or nothing.
Thanks for the kind words guys - I may also do some exterior modding/polishing to it yet

Nice Mod—-I’ve recently dug out some of my MT-G2 lights—-I have a few 4k tint —-I had forgotten how nice it was

Looks good to me, nice mod. :+1:
Hope that wasn’t to late at night or you might have some pissed off neighbors getting out of bed looking for UFO’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great job. I still love the plunger style lights. Fit in back pocket or a hammer loop…

Well done G0OSE. I wouldn’t expect to see much difference in output between 1800 and 3000 mA which is why thirds work well.
For eg. 3000 mA high, 1000 mA med and 300 mA low.