My first simple mod

Well I didn’t think I would jump in the mod game but I took the first step. My wife was sick of the co voyage c8 strobe and SOS settings on the light so I penciled the light and got rid of the settings. Now she very excited and I told her you know we can do so much more to the light. She said lets not start that, you still have a bank account.

Resistance is futile. We shall incorporate your bank accounts into our Group Buys.

Run while you can!
Oh, you already have 145 posts here… welcome to the addiction!

1. You are at BLF

2. You just did your first mod. Successfully. And you know there is more that can be done.

3. You have a bank account.

I foresee more mods in your future.


Nothing is simple. This has already got complicated.

I like how BLF’ers are portrayes as The Borg… :slight_smile:

:bigsmile: :money_mouth_face: >) :arrow: