My friend Wang.

Sometimes he goes by the name Simon, but to me he will always be young.
There is a whole country that looks like him, but in spirit he can only be one.

I get frustrated at work and get angry, so much so that I loose my way.
He tells me I need to “CALM DOWN”, then sends another text to Mei.

He likes to make fun of my flashlights, even though he has his own display.
Half off for a WK50, but with only pink left he shows his dismay.

I dream of my Wang on the board walk, all shiny and bare in the sun.
But at least to this “crazy person”, I think he is alot of fun!

I tried to order the WK50 in pink for half off for my daughter and they were out of stock on it as well.

I didn’t know about this Xtar in pink (although it looks a bit more lilac to me)! For some reason it reminds me of Xeno E03…

i think i met your friends Wang and Mai :smiley:

Am I the only one completely lost by the OP? I first read it when I woke up this morning and figured I was just too tired to make sense of it. Now that I'm awake I still think Raw was up all night from a bender and blasted out of his mind when he wrote that. LOL!

i’m just as lost as all of you, but i figure why not get lost in the moment too hehe… :bigsmile:

Lol! I am in the exact same boat. Woke up, read this, and figured it was my mind still being asleep that couldn’t make sense of this.

Same here! I almost posted, "Huh, what are you smoking Rick?"


It came to me in a dream…really!I think everyone should have a great “Wang” for a friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Raw, we all dream of our wang, but hopefully not a raw wang :*

LOL soytnly. That busted me up.

Wang is a common Chinese surname, you know.

I guess RAW wanted to tell us that he likes to play with his wang..

I don’t think any of us intended any offense. I mean no disrespect to the name Wang. It’s hard not to have some fun with it from time to time though.

Oooooh kaaaay… good way to get arrested, though.

When I travel , I always take Wang

He has many names ( although most of them slang )

He's quite tall and stout

And when I take him out

There's a smile on each face of the gang

We're inseparable , me and my Wang

When we first became friends , Oh my heart , how it sang

As we grow old together

I hope that whenever

we go , we go out with a bang

My Wang is not very happy with me for posting this.He thinks we are all crazy.Translated from Wang speak to normal person language….I think he likes the attention! :wink:

OMG. >.< Does he not have a name? Actually, I don’t want to know. :X

200 points to Jack.