My Gold SRK has arrived!!!!

My SRK from FastTech just arrived…. I have to say I am a bit impressed.

Not knowing anything about SRK’s other than they look neat… I took some pics from everyone to check out. I don’t know real from clone or anything like that. But I will say… It completely blew away my TR-3T6

Like I said…. Not knowing real or fake. It seems like a great light… Very bright & well put together. Apart from a very small scratch on the bezel. ( Looks like a tool slipped on assembly) & The threads needing a bit of grease. Best $36 dollars I ever spent…. For those trying to decide between the SRK & TR-3T6. Buy the SRK, if you get one like this. You won’t be disappointed.

cool, at $36, I may have to get one at some point, mrs gords will love it for her clutch :bigsmile:

I fear that’s where this one will be going. Mrs D has taken quite a liking to it.

Awesome Dale…love mine also…so much power from a relatively low-cost light!

Looks ok to me,When you get the chance can you please post tail cap readings’ :slight_smile:

After hearing of the fakes & bad ones. This thing is a beast for the price. @ Gords, I received my TiS from Thrunite yesterday. Mrs D has already appropriated it for her key chain. Wasn’t very upset about that one though… 60 lumens is like shagging with your clothes on…

ha, why edc a ti when you can edc a 3+a xm-l or two…… :bigsmile:


Meetoo, Man it is so confusing, Fasttech has 5 versions of this including the Fandys, I wonder which one is the brightest?

When I ordered this… It said 2500 lumens. The paperwork that came with it said 2000 lumens… Oh well, as long as it performs well. Thats all that matters to me. Now if it hadn’t blew away my Tr-3T6 I prolly would a have been very disappointed.

I have the meter & all… Just not sure how to do it on a multi battery system.

First remove tail cap. You probably wont thank me for this but this is how i done it.4washers to fit on the bottom of the batts then a large washer on top to contact all 4 batterys.pos to body neg to washer .U then need a willing helper to switch on. :bigsmile:

That would cut into my beer drinking time… I am sure someone will enlighten us… LOL … OH H*LL NO!!! Do you have any idea what happened to the last light I took apart?!

Well i did say :beer:

Ya’ll on your own…. :bigsmile:

+1 :smiley:

The good things about these kings is even the “bad” ones arn’t that bad. We’ve got 3 variations of them, 2 were the good driver and one the “bad” driver. I think the worst of the lot still put out about 1800 lumens @ 30sec. The best was about 2200 lumens.
I actually tested tail cap amps on mine by banding my 4 18650’s together. I then got a pretty heavy gauge wire, cut off 4 lengths, twisted one end of them together. I then carefully placed the batteries on the Kings head/driver and contacted one wire on each of the batteries. Then its straight forward testing the amps with the tip of the twisted wire top and then the negative like normal.
The better drivers read about 6.6a if I remember correctly and the “bad” one I had measured about 6.2a.
Some members have managed to actually unscrew the tailcap and tested theirs easier that way. I didn’t even know they had a tailcap until a few weeks ago.

I was pleasantly surprised. With all the varying reports. Light works like a charm.

Just wait ’til you take it out tonight…pure awesomeness.

I like mine. I got the $42 FF version but when I get some money built up, I am going to buy all of the versions from them and compare them so we can put an end to all this confusion.