My grandfather....The closet flashaholic.

Sunday morning myself & Mrs. D went to my grandparents. We try to stop by as much as possible being they won’t be around forever. I took my BTU & M10 with me. So Mrs D starts breakfast. Grandma starts complaining about grandpa. Fortunately the old boy is pretty much deaf.( He sits around in his own world most of the time) He can’t hear all the world class grumbling about him by granny. So I pull out the BTU & M10. My grandfathers eyes light up. He sits clicking thru the modes amazed at how bright it is. I taught him the ramping driver on the M10. Next thing I know… Grandpa is pulling flaslights outta closets, drawers, they are just everywhere. He must have 30-40 lights around the house. Now nothing high tech or anything. Lots of old C & D battery lights. Nice to see the old boy is still competitive though. He walks me into the bedroom & starts boasting about he has a light brighter than the BTU. He reaches down and pulls up what looks like a 20lb ham with a handle. it was a archiac spotlight. You plug the light into the wall the battery is built in. He threw the beam on the wall, all proud. He said… See that light won’t outshine this… I clicked on the BTU. * POOF* His beam disappeared. He started laughing. We had some fun shining the lights around a bit & headed back to the dining room. Upon entry grandma started gripping again. My grandfather walked around the dinner table sat back down & went back into his world. Was kinda a neat experience. Next week think I’ll take over The TK70 & Electrolumens…

lol thats a great story.

cool story

you should take one of his old lights and swap in an xml

He has a 4 D maglite, one of those drop ins would work perfectly.

Great story, it reminded me of my Gramps. When the nagging got too much he just used to turn the hearing aids off……didn’t stop the nagging, but at least he couldn’t hear it!


You want a light for your grandpa, say the word and give me a months warning, I’d love to build him something along the lines of the m10. :beer: great story. :bigsmile:

I’m gonna drop in the Terralux 1000 lumen upgrade in his maglite.

Now that should amuse him, nice plan :bigsmile:

great story!

Hope he dont get himself into trouble…. :bigsmile:

That is heartwarming to hear. And perhaps one day it’ll be our turn next when our current mega-blasters seen in the likes of the BTU, M10, TK70 and Electrolumens etc may eventually be outshone by our grandkids’ new generation of …laser lights? Let’s enjoy them and our grandparents’ company while they last!


then he will be able to zone in to his own world, properly whitewall hunting and ceiling bounces.

No prizes to guessing what I will only be thinking of the next time I carve a 20lb bone-in ham or butterball turkey leg! :bigsmile:

Great story Dale, I bet if you gave him something ultra bright he’d be out and about in the garden at night looking for things to shine it at.

Nice to know some of the older generation were flashaholics back in the day too :smiley:

What a wonderful story, Dale! Enjoy that great Grandpa of yours while you can. My grandfather passed when I was young but I know he would have thoroughly enjoyed my lights. :)

:bigsmile: funny story

Great story, made me laugh, thanks!

What a great story Dale, Thanks for sharing…… :wink:

Gramps reaction to my lights was just too much fun to not share…