My initial thoughts on the TK75 ( Received today )

Received my TK75 today… Interesting light. I will say it does have excellent build quality. It is lighter & smaller than the btu. So small in fact I am wondering if it might be more prudent to compare it to the TN30. They are basically the same size. ( Apart from the head & reflector ) The 75 on high claims 2600 lumens. The TN30 claims 2780 lumens… Looking at the beam profile they are almost identical. The BTU with the much larger head, explains how it’s out distancing the 75. I will have to wait till this weekend to see which will have more flood. But just a cursory glance tells me that RDR’s assessments will be on the money. Curious to see if the mods ( On BTU ) will have any effect on the outcome.

Congratulations Dale!
Sweet light!

Thanks Racer!! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Dale! Now that Fasttech has them I need to start saving up. ;)

Apparently Brad hasn’t been able to talk to everyone. They are selling them at great prices!

Too bad fasttech doesn’t have the extenders. Talk about a plunger with 1-2 extenders!

So which one do you prefer? TK or the BTU?

The 75 is nice… But it’s just not a BTU… LOL

congrats buddy, hopefully I’ll be able to splash a little soon, although the first splash will be on the house, had good news today and work is pretty busy, only just got in (10pm grenich gords time) from 7 this morning.

Gords is shot and I have two more long early days to go.

Had a early day of it myself…. Just sitting around playing with this light.

How much can the BTU be gotten for nowadays? And is the weight really an issue??

I should think you can find one around the $120 range.

Wow, I didn’t realize the BTU was that big!It looks to have a bigger head than the Tn31!I gotta say though, of all my higher powered lights the Terminator is the most practical(for me).I look forward to hearing what you think of the TK75 after night use.-Rick

Yeah, the BTU is HUGE… it’s head is almost the exact same size of the TK70.

WOW…that is big. I don’t use my TN31 that much because of the size.That and I really get more use out of lights with both throw and flood, not just throw.The Fenix is on the list but right now I am waiting to see how this whole MT-G2 thing runs.Seems to be a lot of great lights with this emmiter heading our way!-Rick

Nice shots off some nice lights, thanks Dale. It really puts some perspective on size.