my little rendezvous with Moli

One of my Milwaukee M12 power packs for my cordless powertools went “KAPUT.” Crap! Replace? New ones here in Canada go anywhere from $50 & up. Prices in the US are much better around $30 but that means either going down and buying them or ship them close to the border and pick them up (30min drive)…

Then the imaginative a light bulb appeared. “I can put 3 brand new Samsung Li-On 18650 batts I have lying around and I’ll pretty much have a new batter pack, right?” Not really. This is how the date went…

I took the battery pack apart. I found 3 Moli IMR-18650E batteries. I carefully unsoldered the solder tabs and tested them on the MM. They were all 3.94V. I charged them up and discharged them on my hobby charger. They all seemed to take a charge as well. This means the problem lies with the PCB board. Crap!! No way to fix it at least with my abilities nor would I want to spend more time to investigate.

I did some research on the Moli batteries and found out that my Samsung ICR batteries would NOT have been a good fit. These Moli IMR batteries (1300mAh) are designed to put out 10A constantly and their maximum discharge is rated at 20A. Maximum charge rate is 6.5A. I don’t think my Samsung ICR could have performed half that.

Anyways another light bulb appeared. I wonder how it would perform and how bright would my DD P60 bulb would perform with these batteries. Yikes~! 6.1A at first and quickly down to 5.7A. I’m not sure if that’s accurate as my MM is not calibrated and the leads are crap. I mostly use it to do comparative testing only between lights.

Here’s a few pics of my date with the triplets

And the irony is that the batteries in the pack are made in Canada yet it costs more there :stuck_out_tongue:

I fried and LED using thick wires and a cell.. so maybe your thin leads saved your dropin from being fried, DD with IMR isnt healthy.. :D

no doubt. Local Okanagan wine is less than half price in the US. Go figure.

Canadian wine? Do not want. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah what was I thinking!

The P60 seems fine. The switch burt out. The spring looks pretty bad, all black and blue. I won’t be doing that again.

Lmr rule need to be careful what you put them in but they seperate the men from the boys ..

makes you realize how bad ....bad batteries really are

i've actually had pretty bad luck with moli batteries ..Out of 3 laptop packs 2 out of 3 with molis are all bad

Sanyos and panasonics have been the best for me so far ..

but i'm willing to sample their lmrs :)

dude, Canadian ice wine is some of the best in the world.

Just like their Ice beers? :wink:

concept is similar.

ice beers have higher alcohol content because water freezes faster than alcohol and once the ice gets removed, you get a more concentrated product.

ice wines are made from frozen grapes and because the water in it freezes faster than the sugar and other stuff, the result is a sweeter, richer juice which produces a sweeter, richer wine. of course, you get less juice per grape, so the wine is more expensive.

Canadian ice wine, try it if you haven’t.