My Lumintop EDC18 2800 Lumens has problems. help!

Hi, the flashlight worked well after some years, but yesterday I had the unfortunate idea to clean it externally with a damp cotton swab. The flashlight gave me problems immediately. Now when I turn on the flashlight, every 2-3 seconds it dims the light intensity and then turns off automatically. I just opened it without disassembling anything and dried internally with the hair dryer, but I’m getting the same problem. I am not an expert but I love that flashlight. What can I do to make it work? It seems unbelievable to me that it got ruined like this. If it is not possible to repair it, can you tell me if there is a similar flashlight, with the same power or better? Many thanks for your welcome advice.
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Wiping it down shouldn’t affect it, are both the head and the tail screwed on properly to the battery tube?
Have you tried another battery or checked the charge level of the battery you’re using?

can u try another battery ?

It sounds like the battery is just low.