My "Mega" Solar Security Lights Buyers Guide/Product Reviews

Hello Ghouls and Gals,

I am a newbie around these forums but I was hoping to get some feedback on an article I recently finished on my Solar Lighting website. It’s a “Mega” thread coming in at 13k words, 15 or so products reviewed, with a Buyers Guide and also some Installation Tips to finish it off. It’s monetized with amazon affiliate program, just to be upfront with everyone. If anyone had time to check it out and let me know if you think the information is valuable that would be amazing, especially because I know most of you are pros on lighting.

Here’s the link:

Alrighty, well thanks in advance fella’s and take care for now!

IMHO getting dedicated solar panels with one big battery and inverter and normal LED lights is a better solution if you got many lights

Yes I agree, but that can be somewhat difficult for newbies or anyone not interested in spending the time to learn the system. These plug and play lights are a great entry point IMO.

Just a typical affiliate website. Nicely put together for SEO, and have to give credit you did also a good job on the layout.

But did/do you actually own the lights? Dont think so.

Why is your number 1 better than number 3?

No, I don’t actually own the lights. I build these reviews by finding all relevant information from around the web and presenting it in an easy to digest fashion.

It is supposed to save you time from doing all that research yourself. I don’t believe the article comes across like I am talking from personal trials. An example would be I emailed many manufacturers on warranty information and specific light statistics that could not be found on any websites. The article took about 4 weeks to create. I picked the number 1’s from my own opinion from reading thru 100’s of customers reviews for every related light on Amazon and analyzing the results.

I believe RuggedGrade will produce the best solar flood light and flag pole light. They mainly make commercial grade street lights and all are designed in America. They are bright, well constructed, and have a good warranty.

I would like to create DIY Lighting Projects as well if anyone has any suggestions on that would be great.

Thanks for all the reading and putting it in a clear overview. Think you've done that well.

I've just read and watched too much on SEO to recognise this kind of website ;)

You should cite the source websites from which you scraped the information, in my opinion.
And you should make clear that you don’t have first-hand experience with the hardware you’re describing.
Also, use quotation marks. A plagiarism detection tool is always worth using to check any dubious material.

You lost all credibility at the first photoshopped product picture. I can find plenty of those on amazon when I need a good laugh. If I’m going to read some other page, I expect to see real pictures of the products in use.

"...15 or so products reviewed."

That, to me, implies first-hand knowledge.

I've updated the page, it now includes my #1 Overall Solar Security Light pick as - Rugged Grade 1000 Lumen

It also has a couple videos added near the top, check it out and let me know guys! Thanks

My site has the appropriate disclaimers in place FYI

Bzzzzt! you illustrate “1000 lumens” with a picture showing light output identified as from a flashlight.

Flashlights have reflectors to concentrate the light and make a bright hotspot, as you show.

But that’s not the illumination you get from a panel of LEDs like you’re showing here.

You should put it up on a pole and photograph the area illuminated around it at night.

Oh, I forgot, you really don’t have any of these solar lights yourself.
Well, you should pick better illustrations from wherever you’re borrowing them.

So, how can your reviews be “exclusive” since you’re copying the information from people who’ve actually handled, used, and reviewed the products?

Not sure why you show a comparison to a 20 lumen old school incan light. 1000 lumens is pretty decent. A normal 60 watt bulb (or an actual LED equivalent) is 800 lumens by way of comparison. So if you imagine a normal 75 watt bulb with a reflector on the top of it, this would come pretty close to it.
This seems like at night, it would give pretty decent illumination.
Therefore, I dont see any reason to nitpick about the 1000 lumen thing.

I do dislike the “our favorite light is blah”, and “I can assure you that wiring it up is no problme”, etc. When you don’t even own them.

I am real curious about the Litum wide area one. Pathway lights with Ni_Cad batteries cant even put out 20 lumens after dark for more than a few hours. This uses an 18650 battery which is a great idea. An 18650 holds 3000mAh at 3.7 Volts. That is 11Watt hours. In theory this panel produces 0.7 Watts, so it is hypethically possible to fully charge a 2200mAh 18650. I’d be curious what the actual panel rating would be in typical conditions and the charging efficiency.

As stated the guy did a good job of collating some useful info.