My Military Tactical Side Shoulder Bag

Hi, I was looking for a shoulder bag to take out with me - most of the ones I saw were around £15 on ebay but then a few weeks ago one popped up for a silly price, so I got one.
The bag is fantastic quality, there are plenty similar to it on ebay with a drink holder on, which are no where near as well made. There are several colours available/camo
I thought I’d post it in case it was of interest to anyone else, for £5.98 delivered this bag is a no brainer (if you are in the UK) - ebay link
I hope I haven’t broken any rules posting this? Sorry if I have and remove it.

Thanks for the heads up, that is very cheap! Shame I don’t like any of the colours, but on the other hand they would make good Christmas gifts!

Same sellers has copy of snugpack response for £4 ! That’s cheap. These are bumbag (fanny pack to our friends over in the US!) type things, good for a first aid kit.

That is a fantastic looking bag :slight_smile: Hopefully, I can find one shipping to my country on the cheap!

Np :slight_smile:
Really, I do not know how they make any money on them - especiallly as it did ship from Swansea lol!

Not sure if you guys out of the US have walmarts or not? But, my local Mart has SOG bags for $20 to $35. They are nice! I ended up getting 2 of them. I really like them. Quality is pretty good. Pockets galore.

Thanks for this - black one ordered. I was looking at the ones with the water carrier and just deciding which colour to get.

What? A man purse that came from China and is not marked Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, etc? What is this world coming to?

That’s a bargain!

A bit more expensive but well made and very stuffable.

600D Nylon Molle Tactical Shoulder Strap Bag

It was recommended to me and I bought one in June, good storage bag and weekend bag.

Of course, if you want a large, strong and good capacity bag then
Mil-Com Abrams M1 Tank Tool Bag
I liked it so much I bought another, one is currently storing 3200ft 550 Paracord, the other is a car boot bag.
Not very waterproof but a lot of room and strong construction.

I think that’s almost identical to the one I have, only mine has 2 side pockets rather than the water carrier, and the clips are slightly different.

Do you mind posting the actual pics of your bag?

Sure - here you go