My modest collection

That’s not too dramatic. Will give stock SP70 a go probably and change to MT-G2 if I’ll be that bad.

And you’ll be happy with PL47, it’s got amazing tint and surprisingly good throw for the size of the optics. I’m waiting for your measurements though!

If you want MT-G2, please let me know :slight_smile:
After changing to 4xXP-L HI I will not need it.

:sunglasses: An awesome tread komeko, such well put together collection.
My guess is that you have a flashlight for any occasion.
Makes me wish that I read it sooner than some of my choices would have been different.
Well done. Thank you for sharing. :sunglasses:

An unusual lamp joined the family. Interesting in terms of appearance, power supply 21700 and used LEDs SST-20.

Today my D4 has undergone another modification. It was already XP-G2, 219CT, XP-L HD. Now I’m HP-L HI 3A and finally I’m happy. This is it. This is how it looks:

Duv 0,0001

Some changes in my collection. Thrunite TN40S and Zebralight SC600W HI MK4 joined the family. Utorch UT02 changed the owner, because I have Catapult V6 so UT02 was unnecessary. SDmini is waiting for a new driver and TC20 for a new PCB with 4xXP-L HI.

Although the shade is a bit above the BBL, I still like the color.

After replacing the driver:

Really enjoyed reading through this thread. Great photos.

Excellent information and photos! I have 2 each of the TC20 and Catapult V6 unmodded. I just received the Emisar D4S today. So far, so good.

I am currently waiting for Zebralight H600Fw MK4.

And it arrived, H600Fw MK4.
It is a super complement to the SC600W HI. The color is almost the same, the performance also. Only the clip is poor. I like the torch in general.

Of course, I’ve already done the right measurements:

Next in the queue will be SC64w HI and I think I will be tempted by the new D18 Emisar

Such a small summary:

In anticipation of Emisar D18, I ordered Zebralight SC64w HI. This will be my complement to the Zebr set.

My new acquisition in the collection, Zebralight SC64w HI. It’s really great.

The collection was joined by Emisar D18.
I will say briefly, I like it very much.
Turbo withstands 30 seconds. When setting the temperature threshold to max, after 6 minutes I was able to warm it up to the temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. Beam profile similar to M43, looks reminiscent of a bejspol stick :slight_smile:

very nice collection!

Thank you. I try not to accumulate everything that appears on the market, but only really interesting things that I like. That’s why sometimes I sell something to replace it with another flashlight, because I do not like senseless duplication of possibilities, scope.

I wish I could be like you!
Within the shortest amount of time I have bought so many (good) lights, it is hard no to keep them. But I have so many places where I travel to/live, have many hobbies, garages, … that I need quite a few lights.

In my dreams I live with 1 light and that would be the FW3A

Lumintop FW3A in WW version joined my collection. I will say briefly, I like it very much. The color is perfect, building a super light.

That 7A tint is on point. Even the fact that it’s ~70CRI emiter doesn’t hurt that much.