My new umbrella

It's going to be a rainy winter for California, all thanks to El Niño.

My current umbrella is plain and black, and not doing so well. :(

It's from the 99 Cents Only Store, where most items are a dollar.


Time to get a new umbrella!

Here are some good reviews, if you need an umbrella that'll start a conversation:


Yes, I bought a red and white umbrella! :)

Proof that there's definitely something wrong with me.

I told you not to click on this thread. :p

As I cant read can you please read me what you have written? Thanks in advance.

I lasted 4 seconds

Sure thing, buddy.

It says, "Austrian meeses with eight thousand posts need to learn how to read." :D

Ta you speaka good strailian. I wil nouw go. Four sum reson I fel the erg to bi a broly?

... Whateva Whateva, I do WAT I WANT! :D

Seriously considered buying one of these a few years back. It was on one of those 10 cool gadgets lists or something. Low $20s iirc.

People who need a very durable umbrella, may want to look at the GustBuster.

Desert and beach dwellers can look at their SunBlok version, which is also a sun blocker with a slightly reflective outer surface and a dark interior to prevent sun reflection and brightness from the sand.

The SunBlok version is also useful for desert dwelling car BOBs, and off roaders, motorcyclists (for breakdowns) and hikers, it is about 10 degrees cooler under the umbrella, and desert wind gusts won’t break it.

I never clicked on this thread...wonder what it's about. Nahh, not gonna click on it.................



Do employees of umbrella corp got that umbrella for free :bigsmile:

I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I'm a laboratory technician and I work in The New Hive, Palm Desert Division.

We get tactical uniforms with official Umbrella Corporation patches, but alas, no free red-and-white umbrellas. :_(

Blasphemy…. |(
They should supply every employees with this umbrella, in case of T-Virus outbreak and there is zombie rain outside.

You make a good point, and I wholeheartedly agree. I've noticed a complete lack of actual red-and-white umbrellas at the Umbrella Corporation, because they're just a symbol.

Also, strangely, I have never seen an actual raccoon in Raccoon City.

Be careful since raccoon is a trickster animal based on Japanese folklore that can change shape into human form so that is why there is no raccoon in raccoon city J)

That explains a lot. ;)


When splashed with cold water, I'm Alice.

Hot water changes me back to a raccoon.


To clarify...

I'm trying to say that all of my posts in this thread are pretty dumb. :crown:

just got myself educated on umbrella corp (: had to google that stuff. now it’s all clear, mr raccoon city… sort of - still can’t figure out where the devanagari fits in …


Mila Mila Mila

Dang, got me again.