My newest baby. NiteCore EC25

I wanted a smaller a single 18650 light. Wanted something with as much output as my EA4 but something small enough to easily use with a pocket clip. Went over to GoingGear to take advantage of their 15% off moving sale.
This little EC25 looks to be about what I was looking for.
Waiting for darkness to take it outside but I did some testing in a completely dark room. Some comparisons with the EA4. My EA4 is the XM L2 version rated at 950 lumens. The EC25 is rated at 860 lumens. The EA4 seems just a tad brighter compared side by side. The EC25 has a cooler tint. The EA4 has a smaller more defined hot spot. The UI is the same with both lights. Takes a minute to learn but not a big problem and I like it ok.

Small enough for edc.
Side switch.
Metal switch as opposed to the rubber one on the EA4.
Good brightness.
Blinky modes are well hidden but easy enough to find if ever needed.
5 fairly well spaced light modes. Some may want a lower low mode but I don’t need it.
Pocket clip allows the light to ride deep in the pocket.
Lockout mode works well and is easy to use.
Nice looking light.

Not the greatest beam with a noticeable hole in the hot spot, at least up close.
Has trouble with some of my button top batteries. Batteries with buttons that don’t stick out much don’t make contact. Flat tops will not work.
Heats up quickly on turbo mode which is to be expected.

Overall seems to be a very nice light with good brightness. Fit and finish is very good.


I just got in a couple of C8 lights today, and was messing around with them, swapping reflectors, and when I put them back to the original, I noticed one of them had a pronounced dark hole in the center of the beam. I was kind of puzzled, because I was pretty sure that that wasn’t there originally. I was looking at the light more closely, noticed that the light’s pill seem a little far “forward”.

So, I got out my spanners, and started experimenting, screwing the pill in different directions, checking the beam after each change.

I was eventually able to get the beam back without a dark spot in the center of the beam.

I don’t know how the EC25 is designed, or even if the pill can be moved, but maybe you might want to look into it.

Also, that C8 had a smooth reflector (the other had OP), and I think that the EC25 has a smooth reflector, so I’m wondering if this “sensitivity” is only with smooth reflectors?


I love my EC25, one of my favorite lights, love the form and feel, like the Ui and great brightness for a single xml. and small enough to EDC. just an all around great light! and fast tech prices cant be beat!….

I have the same complaints as you, not low enough low, and need button top batts, or use a magnet…

After having a few days to play with the EC25, I have a better view of it. My EA4 XM L2 is slightly better in throw, brightness and tint. Having said that, if I had to choose and could only have one, I would pick the EC25. The metal button is a big plus as is the size and shape. Pocket clip is another plus.
With it’s small size, side switch, high output and great balance between throw and spill, this little jewel is likely to become my favorite single 18650 edc light. I am very impressed.