my own worst enemy :)

ok, at long last my splurge for a fandyfire rook from fast tech came in, a little late for xmas< a present for the wife but i was very excited, i really liked my srk and thought this would be perfect for my wife. naturally i did not order th batteries for it at the same time for some reason so i belatedly ordered them from mr. speedy, our friend bob (kumabear). still in awe of the speed of shipping and incredible packing/wrapping job he does. finally tonight after fully charging those puppies overnight i pop them in and nothing! hmmm, i disassemble, tighten, lube, check for shorts, tail cap voltage (still would like to know how to do amperage measurements on these multi battery parallel lights) and reassemble. NOTHING! in my finest computer tech/IT technique i whack it a few times and bingo, it comes on. great, push the button, goes to low, press the button, goes to high. continue pressing and whack it and i get strobe. well, making progress i guess…. i am sure most know where this is i going here but, aha, a light (no pun) goes on in this tired old brain and i dredge out fleeting recall of a mention that some of these lights require a 2 second press and hold to turn on and off, DOH! presto, i am now a proud possesor of a nifty rook, really nice light, pretty good thrower with lots of usable spill. still gets outthrown by the ultrafire c8 u3 but close.


LoL I get flustered before reading directions too :wink: glad to hear it survived you repair methods :smiley:

I always make sure I am “prepared” before any flashlights reach me.
I remember I have already bought 16 centura batteries and charger one week before I bought TK70, and read flashlight manual to understand more.


Clearly you fixed it with the second blow .