My project LED DRL's, *pics @ post #13

401st attempt

linkage only

Thx to ChicagoX post #13 for posting my pics

Here’s a link to Amazon where I got them.
I do NOT recommend these waterproof strips.
They must be made for fish tanks as they do not cool very well.
I will install a ic555 circuit or resistor or PWM w/constant voltage feed.

Next time I’ll get non waterproof strips and coat them myself.\_=aw_bottom_links

Pics don’t work but I am excited to see them!

Yeah,.I know dam pos phone.

I did it three ways.

insert url

insert url link

they require a login FYI.

A different host site is needed.

A different hosting site isn’t required, non MOBILE links are required. The mobile links require login.

Stay tuned coming soon

Flickr seriously requires sign-in to view pictures? Wow. Epic FAIL.

DrVette, I use photobucket with 0 problems. Maybe others can chime in here…

Are the DRL’s for a vette? If so, what model? Ive tried to mod the stock DRL’s on my C5 but (in spite of the large internal housing area) they overheat when LED lumens start to exceed the stock incans. Ive considered a strip of surface mounts across the bottom (maybe 5050’s) but they would look far to cheap & tacky on a sleek rice killer. Kinda like slapping hello kitty stickers all over a lambo. :smiley: I might try an external heat sink from the rear of the DRL housing and give it another try w XML @+2A.

No, my C4 “90 is in the basement.

These are for my Cruze ECO
They are side-emitter smd-355 cool white. .060” thick & .20” w

I use a pos Android so I get tired & frustrated quickly.
My isp’s been dead since Sept (dial-up) no dsl here.

Staring another photo acct is too much for me today, maybe tomorrow

The only way I can tell you how to do it is on your phone, goto, tell the browser or web page to load up the non mobile site then go from there.

…alternate way is to tell me what your flickr name is I can search for it if you still have the pictures up and then post up the sharable links myself.

  1. - Did the full site, no Joy
  2. - She said No to that, necked redness picikitures :smiley:

Yeah and the mobile app doesn’t seem to let you link either :frowning: Only share to social crap or email.

I was told there would be pics here...


This ain’t my first rodeo posting pics and have had success with this pos phone.
Did ya use the button or cold?

Oh, comments on the LEDs are welcome.

I copied the "direct link" code from your PB link, then hit the "insert image" button above the text dialog box, and pasted in the code.

Nice mod, really looks nice in that sunset shot.

Thanks for the help.
I did the same with no success.

re:sunset shot, note the Leds are pretty bright considering the blight conditions.

The closeup , the Leds are not so Blue, camera ccd interpretation I guess.

thanks so much.

I would like to see a closer picture with LEDs turned off.
What LEDs have you used?

Will do, I have to point them out when off, almost invisible.

I will use non-waterproof next time & seal them myself as these don’t cool well.

The LED’s are smd-355 side-emitter
.060” thick, see pic #10 & #11
My Chevy Cruze DRL’s

The led’s are smd 355 side-emitter
These type strips come in;
30 Led’s/m
60 Led’s/m
120 Led’s/m

mine are 60/m

I took a pic in daylight, I can barely make out the led’s (vertical)
No way to notice them.

Nice, really barely to see.
To sad that such modifications are illegal here….