My Sanyo Eneloop Obsession....I mean collection.

I have four of those black XX on order… My first eneloops! :slight_smile:
Cant wait to get rid of some older GP batteries. I personally try to keep my amount of batteries to a minimium of what I use though. I dont consider myself a collector of anything. And I would try to stay away from collecting things with what I would consider an “expiration date”.

When that is said. Nice and colorful collection! Its like battery art! :slight_smile: Colors are nice!

Most collections are what they are. Collections…
Batteries, flashlights, stamps, knives, fishing flies, tools, shoes, stickers, etc… etc…

As long as the collector gets some sort of satisfaction/fun out if it I dont see the problem.
Thanks for sharing!

Why no C and D size Eneloop in the pictures? They are as cute as AAA and AA.

Mother of God...

Seriously though thats awesome I hope you have plenty of flashlights to be powered by all those pretty batteries ;)

Oh NO! You HAVE! You really need to ask for a refund on the therapy sessions!! ... OH... never mind! You'd just have more $$$ for Enloops! ...Ummm... Double up on the sessions and leave a big tip!!!

I feel better now about my collection of... uhhhh, never mind!!!

Thanks for letting all of us razz ya! Dan.

I always knew you had to be a bit crazy to live in Hilo, but I didn’t realize just HOW crazy…

:slight_smile: Kidding, of course!

Nice collection! I just purchased my second set of 10 from the Kona Costco a week or so ago.

I should ask for a refund because therapy is definitely not working.

My family always gives me a hard time about my battery and even flashlight collection but then when they need new batteries/chargers/flashlights -- all of a sudden I am their favorite uncle or brother.

LOL We are a bit crazy here on the east side and it's probably because of all this friggin' monsoon rains!

Anyway, I need to make a costco run too for necessities and of course to stop by and visit the battery section. Plus I can get some sun while I'm over there.

I’m trying to get someone to take me to Costco with them or give me a gift card(I think you can get in that way) so I can peruse their Eneloops. :bigsmile:

I did that before I got my own costco card and just gave my buddy the $$ to pay for my items. Costco has one of the best eneloop battery deals around.

Do the batteries have names or only numbers?

Just numbers to keep track of each one in excel.

Speaking of monsoon, how you guys doin’ over there about right now? Holy toledo!

I’m wondering if it’s going to actually drift over this way a bit this time… wow!

More friggin' monsoon rains! What's more annoying is that with a metal roof this hard rain makes so much noise you can't hear yourself think.

Fishin, Ive always thought about you when I think “Eneloop”. Now youve confirmed why! Thats a great looking collection of color and repeatable, reliable high performance youve got there. About twice as many Ene’s as me. Its good that you rotate them. Over time and with moderate care, you’ll be surprised how many years and cycles you get from them. Are you glad that you didnt buy a bunch of cheaper cells now? I still cant figure out why anyone would be any other than these when they are so inexpensive.

My 200 or so pack-pull 18650s and 40 14500s seem like a drop in the bucket next to this awesome collection. Just awesome.

Thanks Flash! Other than rotating them in flashlights and other devices, I do what I call 'battery maintenance' on them every few months like a Refresh & Analyze every 3-6 months and a Break-In once a year. I keep track of all this info in a excel spreadsheet. My friends and family think it's a bit too much but it keeps me busy. Since I am the sole caregiver of my father and spend most of all my time at home caring for him -- this gives me something to do.

Thanks Ubehebe! 200 18650's & 40 14500's? Wow! I'd like to see a picture of that collection.

I’m using these in my Nitecore EA4. Very, very happy.
Charged them today in my Powerex and all 4 were done at 2700+mAh.
I love that it says on the side “minimum 2400” and they actually are correct!

That’s one awesome display!!! I think you have more batteries than all the stores in MO… :wink: