My Wallbuys Xmas Order- Skyray XY-600 and Solarforce Raging

This is one of the two lights I ordered from during their 50% off Xmas sale.

I happen to have a pouch that fits perfecttly! At the end of my pics you can see the weird corrosion on the finish. It will not come off. If it was not half off I might have complained. Otherwise the light works fine.

And here’s the other one - a Solarforce Raging with a pouch I already had available:

So what's the output like? Beamshots?


I’ll update when it gets dark!

maybe current draw too :slight_smile:

Congrats on a really nice looking light there!

+1 on draw current/ tailcap ampere numbers…

i was going to get that one too… but i’m worry… what happens when you broke the handle? can you stll able to turn on the light?
i decided to get solar storm 5LEDs instead :slight_smile:

You’d have to really work hard to break its handle. It’s solid!

Im still waiting for mine to arrive. I hope this is brighter than my original version SRK. Do you have any other multi-emitter XML lights to compare?

Yep. I’ll try to get to it later.

Well, based upon a visual comparison I’d have to say my SR XY-600 is equivalent in brightness, spill and hotspot to my SRK. And my Solarforce Raging is also about the same in beam pattern and brightness, too.

I’m sure glad I paid half price at Wallbuys for the SR XY-600 and the Solarforce! Sorry no amp readings or beamshots.

It looks like you can unscrew the handle on the Solar Storm to hold it like a conventional torch.
I don’t know about the SkyRay because you need the handle to operate it. Can you verify this?

Yes, you can unscrew the Solarforce. But the SR is a problem as you said because the switch is on the handle. Here are some pics:

Thanks, appreciate the info. And thanks for the nice pics.

+ 2

I’m still waiting on my SRK also :slight_smile:

I wasn’t complaining. The only problem I had with my order was the poor finish/corrosion on the Skyray XY-600. I didn’t contact you because I didn’t think there was anything you could do - and it wouldn’t make sense to send it back for a new one. The fifth pic from the top on the original post shows the problem.

Thanks for responding to my thread, however!

Out of the box, this light is a total fail in my book |( - but might make for an excellent mod host. :bigsmile:

The SRK (the good ones with the original 3 terroid drivers) blow away my SR XY-600, both in brightness, spot and spill. The problem with the XY-600 is that it doesnt know what it wants to be when it grows up. Combined with an anemic driver, the tiny reflectors are far to small and deep to be efficient, so they throw a small (but not distant) concentrated hotspot, while wasting a huge amount of lumens in potential spill that may have been realized with shallow reflectors. Also the reflective coating isnt as shinny as it should be, which absorbs even more lumens. The tint is the coldest white that I have yet to see in any XML… absolutely horrible.

Tests taken @4.18V

SR XY-600 high mode before losses - 0.76A per emitter
H - 4.60A
M - 2.30A
L - 1.37A

SRK high mode before losses - 2.1A per emitter
H - 6.20A
L - 0.55A

I might crack it open at some point to see if I can change the sense resistors for more amps or retro a 7135 solution. The switch appears to be a clicky contact switch, not electronic. I could probably remove the emitters and put a round aluminum plate under them to shim them closer to the lens and swap in slightly larger diameter/shallower reflectors. Anyone know a good source to shop for quality small shallow reflectors (not TIR)?

On the bright side (uh, well it isnt that bright… lol) my example is very well constructed and free of any imperfections. If driven to SRK levels, the large heavy head should probably be able to wick away heat about as efficiently as the SRK.

Some rough math: if driven at 2A each emitter, a total of 12A would be drawn from the cells, or 3A each cell (so within spec for descent cells). The head would need to dissipate 50W heat vs the 26W of the SRK.

The remote mounted handle clicky and overall balance work EXTREMELY well for a light of this form-factor and weight. IMO, this is far easier to wield than the SRK. For the $50 and change I paid for it, Im not overly impressed, but I think it will hopefully be fun to mod in the future. The money could have gone to something for better… like another SRK with “the good driver”.

I have two SRKs, a black one and the original gold one. Neither one blows away my XY-600 - but that’s based upon a visual estimate only. But yeah, it’s only worth the 50% discounted price I paid for it….

If anyone wants one for $60.00USD, shipped in CONUS (without case), let me know! (Please note a few slight corrosion marks on finish.)

Both color SRK’s were produced in abundance with crappy drivers, which makes me wonder which versions you have.

You’re selling your 600 already before tearing it apart for mods?? OH NO!!! :frowning:

Im also considering modding mine with 3 x MGT2’s and larger reflectors. :bigsmile:

My SRKs compete/compare with my TM11, so it’s hard to believe they’re crappy drivers…