My wife demanded I get a case for my lights to tidy them up... it didnt work

my lights just sort of seem to pile up everywhere... on the nightstand, on the kitchen table... on the counters, in the cars... the mrs demanded i do something


i got a case....

and something to drink while i figure out how many lights i can fit in it

done with the case..... that was quick...

it doesnt even hold half of them... :(

many not pictured... tn31vn, deftx, some dqgs, some defiants, other custom mags.... etc etc etc.....

in fact my wife is even more agitated now, because i got all my lights out, and now instead of putting them back in the nooks and crannies they came from ... theyre sitting on my night stand.

im trying to talk her into a cheap curio cabinet :)

The problem with that case is that there’s all that foam stuff taking up all the room :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe your wife meant for you to get a display cabinet?

Your case will probably hold all your lights if you remove all the foam and just pile the lights in.

thats the problem… she doesnt want them on display… they need to be put away except for maybe 1 or 2

i guess i could try and take more foam out but that would defeat the purpose of the case entirely… i could have saved $30 and 1/2 an hour if i just grabbed a cardboard box :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


is that the harbor freight case?

I’ve got 3. 2 for lights, 1 is a travel/shave kit.

just keep buying them! just don’t drop them. the edges dent real easy.

+1 on that!


They Always have a solution to your problem and the worst part is when their statements make sense. Man, I hate that! What she is trying to prove to you, is that you have too many flashlights. Only enough for one case. That's where this is going.

The worst thing is to marry your lover, they always turn into mothers. That's why we are forever adolescent. We live with mothers all our lives! It's all their fault.

Lol. At least I got some good grog out of it!

Haha. She doesn’t mind how many I have. She just doesn’t like clutter.

You need a hardigg case LOL

Well then JM, you need to talk to Dale (the other one) as he knows where you can get an entertainment center that has hidden panels and is really a gun vault, you should be able to put all your lights in there and have only the one’s out that she want’s to look at, with the rest a sliding panel away from deployment. Ask him, he’ll show ya…

drop the wife in the case >) :bigsmile:

That wouldnt work… I’d just put guns in there lol.

If you see what I’m talking about, you’ll realize there’s room for both.

She said once the curio is full. I should take a break…. Do you have any idea of how many idea of how many lights fit into a decent sized curio? MWAH HA HA

Remember this one Dale? Hide in plain sight Watch the video in the op. Very interesting!


A display cabinet may work… for a while.
But what happens when your ‘collection’ exceeds 200 flashlights? (Looks like you’re well on the way)

Better you got yourself a walk-in wardrobe…I mean lightrobe.
Then everybody would be happy :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I hope the case was your idea .

I wouldn't pack another.

This should have been settled before the marriage

Where is your office ? Workshop...Garage ?

You just need more tables & shelves around the house to “spread out” your lights, so it dont look like you have to many cluttering up the current places.
Right now i have 4 of thsoe cases full of lights, and a display cabinet full of them, and i still have a couple dozen lights all over the house and garage.