My yearly bonus put to good use

I have received or ordered:
Sofirn—SP36, SF37, D25 headlamp, SF11, SF34, SP33V3.0, SD05
Convoy—C8, S2, M3
Astrolux FT03, EC01, Fitorch P25, Haikelite MT40, WildTrail BLF D80v2, Wurkkos WK30
AND Thrunite TC20
Phew! Merry Christmas to me! :slight_smile:

You are gonna have a Merry Christmas ! :+1:

I forgot about Astrolux EC01— Happy New Year!

Now, have a friend hide the flashlights, and only give you one new one a week. That’ll keep you busy til spring!

Wow, you must hv gotten a big fat bonus!. Hehe. It’s gonna be a bright Christmas for you. :slight_smile:

All budget lights or budget priced :wink:

Budgetlightforums failing to keep things budget :wink: