Nage Terminator Clone -- Lightmalls

Nage Terminator Clone At Lightmalls:

I went over my flashlight budget for August and Sept already. If someone reviews this one to be equal to the terminator, I might have to start spending my Oct budget.

whoa, did not expect that price at all. i seen other clones….maybe it was the nage, but it was going for $100.
$60 is pretty damn cheap

Try it out and let us know if its worth the $60 :slight_smile:

The xmlu3 version from illumination supply is under $100... for a knock off, $60 is good, I'd love to see it even cheaper.

I wonder if it has the socket for camera mount like the original. :~
Also shame it doesn’t come in gray color.

thanks for the video. nage is now a deal breaker for me. dont like how it doesnt use all leds in lower modes

I like that it does this. If it uses all LEDs and dims them for lower modes, then there’s that annoying PWM. The only downside to me is that the nage’s low is not low enough.

Actually, I love the way all the LEDs don’t come on at the same time. I have an Eye40, and the LEDs come on 1-2-3-4…Low-Med-High-Higher. I’ve been looking for a less expensive light to try some mods on. It would be great to replace the LEDs that come on in low mode with Hi CRI.

or use color leds