*Name your favorite reviewers* for a $10 coupon towards a cool new flashlight

BLF members’ choices are: the, JohnnyMac, and Foy. Your reviewers will receive their light between May 17 and May 20. Here is a list of BLF members who voted (in alphabetical order):

1div0 edc luvlites sb56637 UDO
Bak ENFORCER magnet scaru UPz
baterija FATKMZ manxbuggy1 scheven_architect wdkingery
biggulp flashlight man mhanlen scruffy Werner
BIGWOOD FlashPilot millerman SergioE wikiman
blueb8llz FMcamaroZ28 moderator007 sintro Woody
Boaz FMS Muto Sirius9 xevious
Bort fonzeka nekdo12 sirockalot
Buwuve fyesilova Nightbird95 skyrider1
carmantl garrybunk NLE Slim Pickens
CarpentryHero gords1001 ohaya sorontaz
C-channel higbvuyb Old-Lumens Spasmod
ChibiM indenial p0708 stevetexas
Chicago X Itinifni peterloron Streamer
Chloe jacktheclipper picrthis sukyshyro
CRANK jamaya Pulsar Tecmo
DARCANGEL JamesB PyTech The Last Katun
darkness jerrod qandeel tivo532
DasEtwas jfalk1 raccoon city tolight
Davx jmpaul320 RaceR86 totilde
Denbuc Komichi radiancez567 ToyKeeper
djozz kronological relic38 Trevi_lux
DrJones lawallac ryanferg Triple A
dthrckt ledoman ryansoh3 troisanh
dusty99 lionheart_2281 saypat Tumbleweed48

How to redeem your $10:
If your name is in the table, place an order first (it’s the production release), then PM us before 5/31/2013 in the following format:

We will verify that you are on the list and send you a refund. We’ll aim to process your PM ASAP, but please allow up to 3 days if your PM is sent over a weekend.

Please note:

- The $10 off offer is good for one purchase of one Asgard flashlight.

- The usual BLF coupon is stackable in this case

- If an order is cancelled after the discount is applied, we will not be able to re-apply it to a future order

  • Please place your order and PM us before 5/31/2013. This offer expires after that date.

Asgard shipping starts 5/18/2013
We’re still completing the mini-site and its image gallery. The Apps are still being packed with more functionalities and will be release before 5/25/2013. You don’t have to commit now, but if you’d like to you may order yours now your flashlight will be from the production release with full retail packaging, construction and functionalities. It’s $46 shipped after BLF coupon and your $10 off discount

Thank you everyone.


I nominate: 1. Foy 2. JohnnyMac 3. _the_

Awesome stuff, thanks FT!

Sounds good

I nominate:




I nominate: 1. Johnnymac, 2. Foy :slight_smile:

I nominate:

1. Foy

2. JohnnyMac

3. old4570

Aside from myself, I nominate 1. _the_, 2. HKJ, 3. TurboBB

I nominate: 1. _the_, 2. turboBB, 3. Foy

Sorry, I wish I could nominate a LOT more than three!

I nominate: 1. JohnnyMac, 2. Foy, 3. _the_ (yes, it's me)

BTW, I made an exception for the number of posts that a seller can have in the Commercial Sellers’ Spot and I personally moved this thread to the main “Commercial Sellers’ Spot” category so it gets a bit more coverage on the front page. I’m excited about this one. 8)

I nominate: 1. JohnnyMac 2.HKJ 3.turboBB

I nominate:

1. turboBB, 2. Foy, 3. JohnnyMac

good luck!

i would like to nominate whoever post the beamshots along with the review :bigsmile:

1. the
2. HKJ
3. Old-Lumens

1] The Foybezel and 2] JohnnyMac

1. Foy 2. HKJ 3. Kreisler

Thanks Woody anyway! :bigsmile:

Let me follow your example, am nominating my Spanish friends:

1. UPz

2. fran82

3. Trevi_lux

My, so many to choose from! :_( I would like to nominate:

1. Moi (of course >.<) 2. JohnnyMac 3. HKJ

1. JohnnyMac

2. _the_

3. HKJ

I nominate 1.HKJ 2. the 3. JohnnyMac

I'm with sb on this one .

I nominate:

1. _the_

2. turboBB

3. Foy