NANJG 105C Modes and Mode Groups

I still have 3 NANJG 105Cs drivers and am assembling a P60 drop in. I am familiar with the default 5 mode group but can't remember or locate info on the other 3 mode groups. There is a review here with info on the NANJG 105A driver but I can't seem to find one for the NANJG 105C.

I would appreciate some info or a link with info on the available modes in the 3 optional mode groups for the NANJG 105C driver. Thanks in advance guys.

The 2 mode group that I selected on my 105C is located on star 1, as described in that reference review.

Can't say for other mode groups, but I haven't read of any change.

From left to right:

I. 5 Modes: H-M-L-Strobe-SOS (Default)

II. 3 Modes: H-M-Strobe

III.3 Modes: H-M-L

IV. 2 Modes: H-L (this low is higher than the other lows but not quite medium)

Varies dependant on supplier I'm afraid - mine defaulted to H-M-L and so I don't know what the rest were as that's what I wanted....