NASA creates electric launch vehicle.

The days of chemical fueled spacecraft are gone. While ever one was oohing and ahing over the new electric battery for the space station NASA was quietly building a much more ambitious project. The all electric Launch vehicle. The new space craft uses 12544046 Lion batteries in place of 203400 pounds of kerosene and 318000 pounds of liquid oxygen. While details of the vehicle are still classified it is thought to be a magnetohydrodynamic aerospike engine. Electricity turns the air into plasma and spacecraft shoots forward like a watermelon seed squeezed by King Kong. The battery capacity of the space craft is so great NASA didn’t bother to protect it from lightning. The lightning rod is hooked directly into the battery pack. A strike of 10000000 volts100000 amps lasting .001 second is just a trickle charge to this battery pack. The Saturn 5 engine produces a sound so loud it would turn concrete into power hence the water spray during liftoff. The new craft will be much quieter however it will be much brighter than the old craft. Flashlight enthusiast are eagerly awaiting the launch of the new craft.

How much fossil fuel does it take to charge those 12544046 Lion batteries? Or how many acres of solar panels?

NASA invents all kinds of crazy stuff every year on this day.

NASA are buying the new tech from banggood, they got a discount on the batteries by using a code from BLF !

If they go for a Chinese supplier, let’s hope they will use these mighty 9,900 mAh batteries.

Just found out that Imalent is licensing their active cooling tech to NASA.

Heard that Elon’s not happy. SpaceX was planning to do this and NASA’s graphics appear to be redrawn versions of their patent applications.

Best day of the year.

Posting this on April 1 doesn’t lend much credibility to the story. :wink:

If only li-ion batteries had progressed that far…

Unfortunate the energy they provide (same weight) compared with hydrogen and oxygen is on a different scale.

And hydrogen+oxygen barely gets the job done.

I have yet to see an 18650 whose weight approaches zero when it’s depleted. That’s a very important part of rocket fuel equations, also, from what I hear.

They use WhateverFíre cells which spontaneously burst into flames and jettison themselves out the back, providing additional thrust, as well as satisfying the RFE.

:+1: . Yep…. 1 April. :smiley:

Just how thirsty are you?

Yes this was an April Fool post. But the question still remains. If you have batteries with a power density greater than liquid fuels how would you make a space craft out of them?

It doesn’t matter how you make the space craft. You launch it on 4/1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eject them out the back just before they explode

Start watching at 3:07 for proof of concept.

Well dident they do that sort of a long time ago with the laser powered vehicle lightcraft.

People close to the project told me they were also going to incorporate one of these.

That… guy… is… my… new… hero. :heart_eyes:

Bell labs are named after the Nazi bell shaped “UFOs” they dissected before the Roswell one.
/me adorn his tinfoil hat that are grounded with a 1 gauge cable.