Natfire SF2 LEP $75!

I admit i was a little surprised to see this light was true lep. If i had a use for it i would definitely be ordering one.

Does anybody have 240m image with non-LEP light with similar cost?

Could you elaborate on the built in 21700?

Thanks making that happen. Pretty work!!

Can’t be removed, well, not very easily. Seems to be a genuine 5000mAh capacity though or near it. Looks like the driver is in a plastic casing which is press fitted into the body.

The LEP module’s retaining ring is heavily glued in place, not that I’d need to take it out.

Honestly can’t fault it for this price
I’ll take photos tomorrow.

Sorry everyone who has gone ahead and bought one without waiting for my finished review

After a 35 min test the low and med levels are shimmering. Not sure why. Most likely is unrelated to the test, it maybe that I never noticed before since only used the low, med group very briefly for measuring candela, otherwise its been on the High only group

I think everyone needs to put the breaks on until reviews are finished from myself and 1Lumen.

Great range etc on High, but annoying low and med, on a white wall at least

Also thorough testing is a must before getting on board with that 4000K poll that was suggested above.

I got one coming for review on 1Lumen but not sure when it will get here due to the covid deal in China. Thanks for the prelim…maybe this has the same internals (LEP module) as that Nealsgadgets LEP? Performance looks awesome for under $90 bucks. To get that performance in an LED light you’re spending at least $150 or more.

Looking forward to your review. I’d be interesting in seeing the beam somewhere in the neighborhood of 700m-800m if you can manage a place like that. Assuming the shimmering doesn’t mean these are destined for the bin…

After checking just now it seems to be poor contact with the battery, strangely doesn’t affect High mode. When it starts to shimmer a good smack on the hand will stop it. I really hate that this battery can’t be removed now, it would be such an easy fix. There’s some movement / rattle inside from a little too much room for the cell.

I have a neighbors house at 1100m I plan on shining it on and could perhaps go for another neighbors wool shed at 800m. I’ll say that out with no light pollution it’s quite difficult to find the targets being such a tiny spot.

There’s a plate at the rear they have glued in place. Any ideas how I’d pull it off without gluing something on to pull? Can’t drill a hole since I’d hate to hit the cell :confused:

Yeah, the tiny spot size is why I haven’t been too interested in these overall, as impressive as they otherwise are. But if it can do a little at 700m then it might be worth it to me. Medium-compact throwers keep me happy now out to around 400-500.

If you have something furry to shine it on (without blinding the poor thing) at a good distance, that would be awesome, too…but not something too bright like a sheep. :slight_smile:

Random note…have you ever seen the film/documentary called Sweetgrass? From some years back about herders in Montana…some of the last of the true mountain cowboy herders. I watched it last week for the first time and thought it was fascinating. I knew nothing about sheep other than a bit about wool fibers.

Maybe a soldering iron tip would loosen the glue? Is there any gap where a good thin spring steel hook/pick could fit…like the thin dental pick types but good quality.

Okay, this is a NCR 21700T which seems to be from Tesla.

There was a black sticker over the plate with holes to remove it. Not so good news is that it’s spot welder with wires, there’s no rear spring. I have a spot welder, so no issue for me, but everyone else won’t be able to replace it, should they ever need to.

I haven’t, no, nor do I want to see anymore of anything sheep related lol I’m surrounded by them.

I’ll try get the footage and better beamshots tonight and get this review done.

Pulled the whole driver out and cell. The cell is attached with a plug connector.

Thought I wrecked it since reconnecting the cell it didn’t work, I had to hold the switch down for awhile until the switch flashed red…PHEW

Pictures to come.

After watching this film, I think I understand you 100% there. :slight_smile:

Here’s the shimmer on Low with the front lens removed. It’s not a battery connection issue, must be the driver

I’m tempted, but non removable battery makes it a hard sell. Also no lockout is a big negative too.

Watching with interest.