Navy (or dark royal blue) Flashlight

Hello Lumin Fanatics,

I’m looking for a navy or even a dark royal blue host / flashlight. Does anyone have any recomendations they can suggest?

I have a dark royal blue Fox Suru (AL) knife that I’d love to come close to.

Thanks in advance!

NOTE: It’s a little darker in person, here’s what it looks closer to:

Here is the SC26

Thanks! My normal searches didn’t turn up anything.

Shoot. That is a little big. Anyone else know any anything a little smaller? Pocketable?

Lumintop FW3A in blue

Olight Baton PRO blue

Thanks, I have an FW3A and hate the electronic switch. Any ideas on how to convert to normal switch? or any protectors to prevent you from hitting it? I turn my on all the time.

eagle eye x1r is nice and compact. Though it’s kinda colored like superman’s cape

Andúril will not function correctly with a switch. Why not using the electronic lockout? There’s a chance for a blue D4V2. Also using a button, but hardware lockout possible.

If you want a really small light, there’s the Fitorch K3 lite in blue.

Hate to say, I never knew of the feature. Will play around with that setting tonight on my 1st run gray FW3A, thanks.

It comes with a 26350 tube. Still fat.

The XENO E03 is available in a really nice blue.

4 clicks to lock it out. Works every time. The electronic switch is great, never once had it come on in my pocket

Rovyvon has a Blue A2x that is a perfect match for that Fox. I carry mine on a Benchmade Bugout with an S clip through the lanyard hole.

Nice lookin' knife!