Neal's Gadget silence

Don’t know what to tell you, Neal did ship my package BUT its travel and delay’s are with DHL being the mover of the box.

Rey, of Reylights, posted on social media yesterday that they are still stuck at their hometown, unable to get back to work/office. The handling of the Corona virus over there is a real problem for many. Besides, Neal has frequently delayed shipping orders to me for a variety of valid reasons, but yes, not always clear and forthcoming on the explanations

Just got married ,just had a baby , Chinese fire wall ,not speak English ,he’s been using these excuses for months & months & will probably keep doing so , but now he’s got another excuse COVID 19 ,wonder how long he’ll use that one for?
If he was going to sort his reliability out then I’m sure he would of done it by now , that seller should be avoided like the corona virus. :rage:
Edit , I forgot the usual Chinese New Year excuse .
NONE of these excuses are relevant,it’s just one excuse after another ,he takes the money he ships the goods ,all the above excuses doesn’t stop him doing that but all the above excuses seems to stop him communicating with customers when there is problems with items ,go figure!
Why some people keep making excuses for him is beyond me ,they’re obviously the people who hasn’t had problems & some are people with many horses in the race ,eg they’re connected some way like being involved in group buys involving him etc.

He has been ignoring his customers with problems way before he got married ,had a child & before any virus attack in China also before & after many Chinese New Years.
Excuses Excuses,step up neal before your business is ruined , your defenders can’t keep it up for much longer because they too are now starting to loose their credibility.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Reading a lot on the various Facebook flashlight pages Neal is getting a terrible rep.

I have an $81 order in with Kaidomain, to ship DHL express, that they haven’t even verified. I also have over $70 worth with Neal, silence there too of course.

We can’t expect anything to ship under present conditions, the entire country is in a bad state and we are not going to get service, it would be ridiculous beyond imagination to believe any value amount is going to ship. The situation is epic, we will wait. There is no way it can be helped.

EVERY customer is worth the same, it cannot be known what that customers potential is. $15 today could be $5000 tomorrow. I have dealt with Neal for several years. I have even shipped TO Neal. He does what he can when he can and it’s always in his own time. He hustles, always trying to earn a buck wherever he can find it. He isn’t a “store”, he has relationships with multiple businesses and plays middle man to try to get us a deal and himself a dollar. Not at all easy, especially in todays crisis, but that’s what he does and now he has a family that depends on him hustling even more. Can you imagine how all this COVID-19 is impacting people over there that were barely making it already? Geesh…

I paid $ 312 (with coupon) for the new Lumintop BLF GT-90. Unfortunately, it was available only on the Neal’s store. Just today on Youtube, under a video by Matt Smith (who seems to be Neal’s spokesperson) Now AVAILABLE! BLFGT90, Acebeam W30 and FW21 - YouTube I read the following:

“UPDATE: First batch of the BLFGT90s is SOLD OUT. You can still place your order, but the next batch will not be completed manufacturing until approximately February 12th because of the Chinese holiday.”

Why isn’t Neal himself writing this update on his web store? Probably it is the manufacturer which is late but this doesn’t justify Neal’s total silence. It seems incredible to me such behavior after having pocketed the money. Considering the delays caused by the epidemic I will wait 1-2 weeks before opening a PP dispute.

I want to add a clarification: I don’t expect to receive the flashlight in a couple of weeks, I expect that within that time I will receive a communication from Neal perhaps saying when the light will be shipped or when it will be available again.

I’m happy I bought from lumintop direct !

As to not deter any future orders.

Would you be so kind as to provide examples of actual slander?

I had the same bad experience a couple of months ago. I paid for 2 fw3a and just before placing my order the communication was good. After i paid he did not answer again. I had to make a claim with papypal and i ended up with my money back. Im not trying to destroy no one. Im just telling my real and personal experience. If you ask me i would recommend to anyone to buy from another seller. I dont care if you had a baby, two or three. If you are a serious seller every single customer deserves respect and answers specially once you have placed an order. If you are a really busy man, then hire some people and make your business grow. Good luck

I can see how replying to every inquiry could be time consuming to a small shop but a banner atop your website would answer a lot of questions without much work.

Edit- I just looked and he has one.

Though, the banner across the top only mentions being on vacation until the 12th of February. The details do talk about the problems with the corona virus, but it’s already four days past the date on the banner, and there has been no update on the website. I’m wondering what I was thinking yesterday when I placed an order for an EDC18 from him.

If you have no time to answer customer questions regarding pre orders or after orders then you have no business selling anything or running a shop of any kind.

I agree , I will stick to buying from lumintop
It’s a shame about Neal as the store has some good stuff in there
I’d like to check out the sapphire lens for Fw1a pro

I just received by a pm the following message:

And this is my reply:

Are you Matt’s defense attorney? I have not said anything bad about him but it is evident from his reviews that he has a certain sympathy for Neal. I have known Matt for several years and also his shop. He is my favorite reviewer although he sometimes lacks impartiality, like almost all reviewers. He is not only clever and accurate but also funny. He loves to make reviews and is an excellent director, screenwriter and actor. But he too, like Neal, never replies to my mails. It doesn’t matter, I love his videos anyway.
Now try to put yourself in my shoes. I order on Neal’s shop a $300 light but after more than a month I don’t get any reply to my emails or Facebook messages. Absolute silence and no explanation. Only today, casually, I read on Youtube an update of Matt explaining that the flashlight I ordered is out of stock and will not be back (to Neal’s store) before February 14th. Why am I getting this information from Matt instead of Neal? This is why I asked myself, not without a pinch of irony, if Matt is Neal’s spokesperson. It is not a “huge offensive mistake” !

PS: Matt received the light from Neall not from Lumintop, as he himself says in the video.

Let’s try and keep it’s pleasant here

It’s nice to know what’s going on so other people don’t get burnt , I feel your frustration and you’ve spent a lot of money and it proberly seems nothing is happening and the time you have to wait is a lot longer

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I feel you man
But try not to get yourself in trouble here
It’s a great place to be

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