Neal's Gadget silence

This is just my experience

Left warehouse ! and on its journeys to its daddy
Fw1a come to pappa

The people who he looks after need not keep defending him , he looks after them for a reason ,group buys , advertising, etc ,he has been letting people down for a long time before the virus appeared ,before he got married , before he had a kid etc etc ,they are all just excuses ,like I said before the people who keep defending him are just a small crowd with horses in the race & they too are starting to loose credibility because they keep making excuses for him.
Those people need to get a reality check & see it for what it is , he doesn’t have a problem taking money ,he usually ships out (if it’s really in stock) the vast majority of problems affects people who received wrong items or faulty items ,AND NOW THIS IS WHERE PEOPLE SUFFER , HE GOES SILENT & DISAPPEARS OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH .
There’s only one person that can sort that out & that’s Neal , he knows what he needs to do.

This is from lumintop direct btw

Not Neal
I won’t buy from Neal !

Well, I was talking about this thread which started mid Feb.

I’ve had run in’s with him for 5 or 6 years but that’s another story… for what it’s worth he sent my items DHL and they will be here Tuesday.

On the other hand, the DHL I PAID for through Kaidomain still has zip info and not even an indication they ever got the order (aside from the missing $81 in my budget)

I ordered a light from him 3 months ago, he sent me the wrong one and then stopped communicating. PayPal refunded me earlier today finally. I hope nothing is wrong with him or his family medically, but otherwise I won’t order from there again.

Well I ordered a few times from Kaidomain in the past with zero problems, therefore they are honest sellers and problems with them do not exist :slight_smile:
I also heard one of the owners just bought a new dog so he might be very busy. He also recently got married. Plus, you know, viruses and stuff. Please be patient. It’s not their fault. It’s normal because they’re from China. You should have bought locally in the first place :slight_smile:

Will the incorrect light now be sent back to Neil given that there was no money lost? Or, perhaps it was already sent back?

Lets see if Neal is quick to make contact in asking for it to be returned if that is the case.


That’s not how it works with Paypal. Neal had his chance to resolve it, he didn’t bother so lost the case. The buyer gets a refund and keeps the item.

For what its worth, I’ve ordered twice from Neal. 1st time - Dec. 6, 2019 3 FF e01’s and 2 FF e07’s. Shipping notice received Dec. 23 and delivery made on Dec. 27. 2nd time - 01/12/2020 1 BLF GT90. Shipping notice received 01/17 and delivery made on 01/22. These are the only times I have ordered from Neal and with this track record, I will order from him again. Their Chinese New Year is now over, but they are still dealing with the Covid-19 virus. Which, btw, looks to be a possible biological weapon rather than a natural occurrence. I don’t know how it is in your part of the world, but I have seen images thru twitter and youtube of the violence being displayed upon the chinese people by their very own government due to this “virus”. Unless you live there, I doubt you know the restrictions that have been placed on them. You can continue to rant about Neal if you want, we know his reputation and you evidently knew it to before you ordered, but you still ordered. Use the channels of communication he has available. Someone mentioned that he was active on Facebook, try that. In the meantime, you’re beating a dead horse as you keep coming back to complain to noone that can do anything about it.

Ahh, buying into the Russian disinformation campaign I see. Yes, the US started the coronavirus. Maybe I should put “virus” in quotes because apparently it isn’t a virus? What ever happened to critical thinking? Anyone ever notice the same people who never vaccinate themselves against the flu are the same people creating a stink about the coronavirus? The flu will undoubtedly kill more people in the US this year, but somehow it is the coronavirus they are worried about. If there was a vaccination against this strain of the coronavirus people wouldn’t vaccinate themselves and still complain, quite amazing to me. I work in a veterinary clinic and every week we have puppies brought in who are dying from parvovirus, yet their owners do not want to vaccinate. Our world is in a very sad state.

It always amazes me that people who have no knowledge of biology and how few surface proteins need to change for a virus to infect humans always think it is somehow a biological weapon instead of natural antigenic changes to a virus. Was the 1918 influenza pandemic also a biological weapon?

Do I need to make a sarcastic comment about this?

Say what you want. I did.

Just because you can say whatever you want, doesn’t mean you should.

I am not a puppy. I took the flu shot. I never said nor do I know, anything about a Russian disinformation campaign, but if you say there is, ok. I had 2 interactions with Neals Gadgets. They were both positive. I will order from him again if he has what I am looking for. The situation in China seems to be of chaos and uncertainty right now. And the BLF GT90 being announced that nobody was expecting, which the original poster ordered. They were announced with being 100 ready to order and ship. I ordered mine 2 days after it was announced on VOB’s youtube channel. Then he came back 2 days later and stated that the first 100 was sold out. The next batch would be made and shipped after the CNY. That was around Feb. 12? I’ve seen videos of chinese origin of people being beaten for not wearing face masks while being out in the public. Maybe Neal ran out of face masks and doesn’t want to go out of his house? I’m just saying the chaos and uncertainty where Neal is based out of, is right now at least cause to give some extra patience. And the BLF GT90 second batch will have to be made when all employees return to work. Today is the 22nd, only 10 days after employees would normally return back to work. It seems reasonable to be patient at this point knowing they weren’t allowed to return due to the corona virus being so contagious. I don’t know, this is why I don’t post. I know I just ramble and ramble…

A large majority who have an issue with Neal had the issue occur long before the outbreak. I know the OP ordered in January, but if you look through previous threads about Neal you would see these issues have been occurring for years. I personally would never complain of a shipping delay. However shipping incorrect items or failing to ship items altogether should not happen at such a high rate. Neal ignoring people who complain to him proves he doesn’t care about those issues. Neal has had issues for years and I know a large amount of people are basing their experiences off of those previous issues.

People who say Neal is doing his best surely are ignoring the reality of running such a business. If I vaccinated 10-20 percent of patients with the wrong vaccine (even 5%), surely people would demand that I do better and hopefully one would make changes to meet that demand. If someone completely ignores those issues, then I don’t think that person could claim that they are trying the best that they can.

And I am a person who is coming out of the cobwebs with 2 positive experiences to post about and they get discounted? Why? Why is my experience any less than someone who had a bad experience. I’m also giving evidence, that prior to the CNY, Neal seemed to be doing a good job of filling and shipping orders. I know I keep saying this, but with the situation that China is in right now, a little extra patience just doesn’t seem unreasonable. All things considered. I am really not here to argue. I agree some people will have bad experiences at one time or another with whatever manufacturer or store. I am sharing my good experiences. Thank you.

I am certainly not saying that your experience is any less indicative than anyone else. However just because you had one or two good experiences does not mean that the seller is perfect. I see this a lot in this forum. One or two people post about a poor experience and a flood of people berate the poster claiming it is somehow the behavior of the poster that caused the issue or how no one else has had an issue.

The bottom line is most sellers from China just don’t care to correct any issue you may have had with them. Certainly not all sellers behave this way but most do. Just look at how Sofirn deals with orders from their AliExpress store. Sofirn could take 3 months to ship an order even when there is no virus and they believe that is acceptable. It is often chalked up to how people in China conduct business verses westerners, but I personally find that to be a cop out and almost a way for people to mentally cope with being screwed. Communication goes a long way in customer service and if sellers are upfront about significant delays then there should not be a reason to complain.

I also don’t think you are in anyway wrong about being patient with sellers during this timeframe. Certainly shipping and factories have been disrupted during this period and everyone should be really patient.

I take back what I said about neal being an unreliable seller for years because moburne ordered twice & he got his orders & China has got a virus ,there you go neal ,your reputation as a none reliable seller is gone.

Enough sarcasm, if neal contacted everyone who currently has a problem & dealt with the problem ,then the bad reviews will go away.