Neals Gadgets experience?

Hi guys,

Wanted to find out if anyone has had problems in the past with Neals Gadgets. I had placed an order with them 11 days ago, and received confirmation of the order, but have not yet received a shipping confirmation. I’ve reached out to Neal several times now and it’s been radio silence. Do I need to actually go through the work of trying to get my money back, or are they typically just very slow and bad at responding to emails?

he doesnt answer my question either since few days ago…

More than likely too busy with last minute Christmas orders trying to get them shipped out.

Here are the negative experiences: Negative experience with NealsGadgets

In my experience, he is light on communication but he does eventually get the items out and if there are issues he will work to resolve them.

Good to know, thanks

I’m not sure how to delete the thread, but I spoke to Neal and they’re having difficulty shipping things out due to the riots in HK.

Many complaints, I’m surprised people still buy from neals.

I’ve done 4 orders from Neal. A little slow but all were done right.

probably no need to delete the thread just add an

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I’ve never bought something from him, but we did communicate via email and he seemed easy to deal with.

Same excuse I got 2 months ago

I recently made my first order with him. Not much for communication and there was quite a delay after placing my order but in the end it worked out. Shipping was quick so despite the delay it still took less time that many other chinese sites I’ve ordered from in the past.

Bad initial impression but at this point I’d order from him again.

Got the light in the mail today except it was the completely wrong light… great

Send him a PM on here and let him know.

Make sure to include your order number and other relevant details.

I am working with him to get it fixed

Caveat emptor.

Good luck.

Yeah I just wish there was another place to get my light

Communications sometimes difficult, but I’ve never had any problems with receiving the products.

Yeah unfortunately it’s been complete radio silence now and at this point I’m getting pretty frustrated - it’s been almost two months now.

try poke him on his facebook group, maybe easier for him answer there? but now its chinese holidays tho so it will probably not happen much anyways…