Nealsgadget's Black Friday Super sale - Now Closed

The promotion is closed.
Hi guys, you might be interested in this:

Nealsgadgets Black Friday deal


Date: November 28 —— December 2

Link to site: (ALL ITEMS only in this PAGE) - Black Friday

I will change my original post. Neal was nice enough to contact me and offer a solution to my out of stock product. I’m hopeful all will be well soon.

Tatasal is not very happy with me for posting a negative comment in his thread. I only posted that comment as a warning to others that there may indeed be a problem. Mine wasn’t a isolated incident.

For now I am happy to have contact with Neal and what looks like a mutually beneficial solution.

thank you for the heads up….

Never had a problem till now. Many orders, always here in 2 to 3 weeks. Now? 3 weeks ago paid and still not shipped. I’m fairly patient though. If it goes past 6 or 8 weeks with no movement or explanation and I’ll let PayPal handle it. I don’t have time for that nonsense.

thanks Todd, I will forget about this deal. I’m not patient.

PM sent

No, actually not all items in the black friday section. I tried buying some 30Q and it didn’t work.

Didn’t work for the R90C either.

Now fixed, coupon blackfriday now works.

Sorry, only the items in this page are good for the blackfriday coupon: Black Friday , and the 30q is not among them.

Thanks Tatasal!!! I bought the Imalent DM70. This is the first time I am buying from Nealsgadgets.

Actually it is, together with FW3A.

:beer: Btw, this promo will end after “Cyber Monday”.

Code appears to have expired due to time zone differences, it’s already Monday in China.

I sent him a message through messenger to see if he’ll extend the code to account for timezone differences.

Hope it’ll work, was planning on a sizable order of several lights today.

Code doesn’t work on all items in the Black Friday page?

Code doesn’t work at all, says the code is invalid.

It’s now fixed.

This promotion is over, and now closed.

I’m happy it’s closed, too much temptation! I was able to stand my ground and not buy anything (not easy).