[Nealsgadgets] MATEMINCO X6S groupbuy

Hello my dear friend!

Neal had the idea for a “new” flashlight (Modders have built such in the past, but it has not been available for anyone):


Triple XPL HI/Nichia 219C 3000lm Led Flashlight
link goes to nealsgadgets.com)

  • X6S with long tube
  • X6S with short tube
  • X6S with long tube
  • X6S with short tube
  • throw TIR vs. flood TIR
  • mateminco X6S short vs. long tube
  • mateminco X6S short
  • mateminco X6S short
  • illuminated switch (standby


  • Fitted with 3* CREE XPL HI (CW&NW) or 3* Nichia 219C LED
  • Maximum output 3000 lumens (XPL HI)
  • Max beam intensity 12900CD (XPL HI)
  • Max Beam distance 227m (XPL HI)
  • High efficiency FET driver
  • Driver firmware based on bistro
  • Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with HAIII militaary grade hard-anodized finish
  • Standby lighted LED switch design
  • TIR lens and toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • XPL-HI LED is equipped with throw TIR / Nichia 219c comes with flood TIR
  • over-discharging and electric reverse polarity protection
  • Battery check mode
  • Impact resistant to 1.5m
  • 129.6mm*40mm / 123g (18650)
    92mm*40mm / 111g (18350)

user manual

Package includes:

1*MATEMINCO X6S Flashlight
1*18350 tube
2*spare oring


please use this link to participate in the groupbuy: https://www.nealsgadgets.com/pages/deals?aff=3

the more we are, the cheaper it gets !!!


He should ship the lights with two optics, so we can switch them.

Massively interested.


Edit: oh so abt $40?

i asked him about the optics - the majority he asked before voted for those combination

but we will offer the TIR as cheap sparepart soon ;)

is this available in host, i want to use it with lh351D or sst20

Interested. Neutral white preferably. 18350 tube as well. Any chance we could get an 18500 tube? I have about a 100 18500’s probably should sell some of them.
Couldn’t see the pics, just used the link.

So in fact an X6 with already inbuilt spacer. Nice!
But I can’t help thinking that that implies that the light could have been built a bit shorter if that “spacer space” was left out. It does provide some heatsoaking though, for a bit longer on higgest modes before stepdown is needed.

It is built shorter and the spacer space was left out. It is about 10-12mm shorter than the old X6. The difference is on the bezel side. The fins on the neck is the same size.

Zozz tested my prototype Saturday night ;)

Since you said , the more people the cheaper, I’d be interested in at least 5 thrower version, as long as protected 18650 cells work with the light.

That is good news, nice. Now I’m interested, the optic does not look as good as a Cute optic, but I would not mind to hear a price :slight_smile:

Edit: followed the link for price information.



Interested. Used the link. 8^)

thanks guys! :beer:

Can’t wait for this to go live. Almost bought it today anyway, guess I’ll just wait and see the price will be with a group buy first.

Why can not do XPL-HI LED is equipped with flood TIR?? :frowning:

Seems to be a very nice addition, I filled the form (please everybody, who read this, do this for better price). (Interested)