[Nealsgadgets] MATEMINCO X6S groupbuy

if you have Facebook :

Neal does a giveaway there....


filled the form

Tried submitting my e-mail at Neals website, it would not accept it? I sent him an e-mail instead. So I would be interested in 4 please. 2CW 2NW thanks.

I remember reading that Bistro (or the ATTiny85 MCU used) may have an issue when used with triple-LEDs (something about too high current causing a reset, meaning the flashlight will go to Moon mode if it can’t handle Turbo?)

I understand there’s already a fix for this mentioned several times elsewhere for this issue. But will this Mateminco X6S already include that fix/workaround to prevent the Turbo “too high current” issue with the stock Bistro firmware?


It’s supposed to be the X6S groupbuy, isn’t it? (not the X6R) :wink:

typo ;)

it's X6S

I was not able to fill out the form… and not sure if my email to Neal@m4dm4x.com went through.

Please add me to the X6R group buy.


I added myself to the gb on the nealsdeals page few days ago, but I haven’t received any mail yet.

What’s that a freaky kind of stuff? The countdown was resetted, no mail has reached me, and it’s going five days again.
Do I have to submit my Mailadress again? Was it just to grab mail-addresses? Who knows!?

Does not look really serious to me.

Neal said the tool he used can only run 7 days

he saved the emails, added the manually transmitted and restarted the tool.

he will use a better tool in the future


Neal's honesty is without questioning.

Maybe, I don’t know him, but why did he started the discount-countdown again? This is not a kind of transparacy…

I’d like to second to that…

I suppose I may be one of the few here to meet Neal in person (when I visited China a few months ago)…

Not worried about Neal

If we were 200… 45.95 - 25% = 34.46

I joined!

Ok, I will wait what is happening. Thanks for information.
Hope you understand that the behaviour until now is a little bit strange to someone who doesn’t know Neal.

I am really interested in this light!

Just received the email from Neil. Looks like the GB started.

Does anyone know color temp or tint bin for the CW or NW XPL’s? Thanks

I can ask him to add that to the product description

Also, what is the difference between standard shipping vs free shipping for Neal’s store?

I’d be interested to know from people who have ordered from his store.

Got the mail today, too and immediately bought one. :sunglasses:

Ordered, Thanks

Ordered XPL HI NW