[Nealsgadgets] MATEMINCO X6S groupbuy

Ordered. Thanks.

It does not allow me to place the order.
My country is not supported.

Ordered XP-L HI Neutral White, thanks to all involved. Did anyone ever give a color temp on this emmiter?

for questions use neal@m4dm4x.com or try the chat feature in the shop ;)

As Martin said,it will be possible to buy the flood optic as a part. :slight_smile:

But why/where? I wanted to buy all parts in one, but there is no flood-TIR as spare-part in his shop.

Per Neal,

NW = 5000k
CW = 6500k

Figured I would share this since it has come up a few times.

That will be great. Ordered mine yesterday. Have an Amutorch X9 with the SST-40’s on the way also.


MATEMINCO X6S is available to order!

25% OFF goal reached :)

just use this link:

Ordered 5 days ago, still haven’t get any confirmation. Is it normal?

I ordered a few days ago and just received shipped notice today. It is normal.
Neal is a top notch guy :+1: and usually has already shipped before sending notice a few days later. Nothing to worry about with him.

If you don’t receive anything try and reach out to him via e-mail that is listed on the bottom of his website. He will get back with you pretty fast, sometimes getting the tracking information takes 1-2days after shipping.

What are the estimated shipping time frame to the US? 3 weeks or longer?

I think this will vary on what shipping method you pick, I always get DHL from Neal and usually get my stuff in 3-5days. It spends more time in the third party carrier hands than it does DHL.

Mine shows “Processed Through Facility GUANGZHOU EMS” since yesterday - so maybe they will be moving soon

If it shows it moving it is on the way, their tracking is about accurate as USPS lol… Sometimes it is spot on and you will get scans all the time than sometimes it goes 1-2days and no scans and all of the sudden you have a DHL notification they have it.

About 18-20 days to US.

compared to EE X6, Astrolux S2, X6S in 18350 tube format

test "lego-ing" the X6S 18350 short tube with the other flashlights:

X6S 18650 tube works with S2 tailcap (interchangeable)

both X6S & S2 18650/18350 tube does not lego with the Eagle Eye X6 (different screw threading pattern)

the X6S 18350 short tube "legoes" with the S2 tailcap, but won't work (no contact?)

X6S 18350 short tube + X6S tailcap, will work on the Astrolux S2, turning the Astrolux S2 into a shorty flashlight too..

other note: S2 lighted tailcap seems a bit brighter than the ones on the X6S tailcap..

I am getting my x6s tomorrow… it was shipped from Canada with the UPS.