Nebo CSI Luma..."Best" sub $10 single mode, AA light with decent run time?

Hello Folks,

Been away for awhile but I'm glad to see this great site is still jumping. I'm looking to buy 3 or 4 flashlights for house use with the following characteristics:

1) single mode 2) several hours of runtime 3) works on AA primary/rechargables 4) light output between 30-50 lumens.

Like many of you, I have all these lights that have multiple modes, different UIs, and take different battery types. But now I am looking for a simple light that works on AA batts (I plan to use eneloops in them) with 1 single mode, good runtime and a decent lumen output that does not exceed 50 lumens.

These lights will be for the house and for the family. I don't want the wife and kids to have to figure out how a light works and what battery does it use when they need it. I want something folks can use when anytime and not need someone to explain the UI or what type of battery must be used to replace it.

I stumbled across the Nebo CSI Luma 35 (see below link) and seems to hit all the right spots (single mode, 35 lumen output, reported rutime between 6-12 hours, and runs on AA, $9 each delivered) but I wanted to check with you folks to make sure I'm not missing anything.

Any other lights I should be considering in the $10 range? Thanks.