Need 16mm x 10mm silicone tail boot

I’m trying to install a forward tactical clicky switch in my T10 but I think I need a different boot. The switch works fine, but gets stuck in the “on” position. The 16 x 8mm boot is too shallow, and I think I need 10mm hight to accommodate it. I’ve looked in all the usual places, but seem to only be able to find boots with a depth of 8mm. If anyone could point me in the direction of some 16mm x 10mm boots it would be appreciated.

Is there a small ‘post’ on the inside of the boot? I find that trimming this a little allows taller switches to work better.
If not, I have not seen 10mm high switch boots.

There is a small nub, but I’m afraid that by trimming it the cap would be so thin at the contact point, that it would poke through in a matter of days.

I’ve cut them flush before, no issue. Might be worth a try if you have a replacement, just in case.

I guess I’ll give it a try. They’re cheap as dirt. Maybe I should rifle through all the little baggies of spare parts that come with all my high end company lights. I might find some custom sizes in them.

Okay. I shaved off the nub and got the forward clicky going on the T10. I wonder why they designed that tailcap with the boot recessed so deep. It could protrude 2-3mm more and still tailstand easily.
Next I’m trying to modify a McClicky to fit the light. I guess my main problem is…I really don’t know how tail switches function. I have to borrow a drill from someone to enlarge the hole in the center of a PCB. If it works, it means I figured it out. If it doesn’t, it means I have no idea, and will be back with stupid questions, and photos.
I really should know how to do a switch conversion so I have the option of 3A switch if I need one.

What part of the switch exactly will fail under high Amps?

The contacts melt from arcing or the contact pressure spring becomes annealed?(loses its spring) and fails to close contacts. Plastic parts can also melt and interfere with operation. Larger copper contacts will conduct heat away if large enough wires permit and a stronger spring can help. Vistalite used Judco switches and placed a metal sheet(not part of the circuit) under the switch. I presume this was to conduct heat away.