Need a 2x 18650 host

That tr-t1 looks like to me it might be a c8? Do you know if it is? And i have a 27mm driver so the c8 would work. Can anyone direct me toward a xintd c8 extension tube? I think that might be my best bet.

The tr-t1 has a much larger head at 55mm compared to the C8 at 45mm.

I don’t think an extension tube exist for the XinTD C8, through trial and error you may find one that will work but probably not match aesthetically, they do exist for the Ultrafire and Convoy C8’s, if you do a search on BLF you can get a better idea of which tubes fit certain lights but that’s still a crap shoot since inventories often change.

You must also keep in mind that many c8’s have pills for 16mm emitters. I purchased the one below for the pill alone, it has 20mm emitter and 20mm driver provisions, it fit perfectly with the Ultrafire C8 that I used for the build. I ended up with 15.00 in the host including the extra pill and extension tube.

Thanks for the help!